Looks like Bella Hadid is falling in love again! The supermodel has recently turned 21 and it seems like she is falling head over heels for Drake. However, Gigi and her friends have warned her to stay away from the “Playboy”. Let’s find out more.

Bella Hadid has enjoyed tremendous success in professional terms but in love life. The 21-year-old model had a short fling with The Weeknd in the past but now she has eyes on the sexiest rapper on the planet, Drake.

Drake is charming, he has a great aura, a great sense of humour, a pleasing personality but what he lacks is commitment and this is what Bella’s friends and family are concerned about.

Bella Hadid arriving in style at her 21st Birthday party

According to Hollywood Life, It’s getting hard for Bella Hadid to take her eyes off of Drake despite being told that the man is not for her. “Bella is majorly crushing on Drake despite warnings from her sister and other close friends that he is a player”, a source tells HL.

“Bella and Drake have hung out a few times and their chemistry is amazing whenever they are together. She finds Drake smart, funny, talented and totally sexy” the source adds. Moreover, the age difference between the two is not a concern for Bella Hadid as she believes she is independent and mature enough for her age.

Drake making his way to Bella’s birthday bash

The Victoria Secret’s model enjoys Drake’s company. Furthermore, the two stars were seen enjoying their time together at Bella’s 21st birthday party.

The source has also added that despite being told by Gigi and her close friends to stay away from Drake, Bella simply has no objection in moving forward being Drake’s girlfriend. Bella Hadid also feels like she and Drake are a perfect match.

Bella Hadid Falling In Love Again For Drake
Short fling! Bella with The Weeknd

Well, Bella is obviously independent and mature enough to take her own decisions. However, Drake’s dating history is something that Bella needs to consider once again. She already has had a stony relationship with The Weeknd and another Identical relationship with Drake will leave her absolutely devastated.

What do you think, Is Drake a good match for Bella Hadid?? Let us know in the comment below.

Image Source – Hollywood Life/Google Images


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