Do you remember when was the last time you had your heartiest laugh ? No, you probably don’t. We literally have got so absorbed in the materialistic race of this “Modern” life, that we have completely forgotten the importance of cherishing the small things we are surrounded by.

We might be sitting on the same coffee table but we choose to spend more time on our cellphones rather than speaking with the person sitting beside us. We wake up to a Whatsapp message, an Instagram notification, a facebook tag or some snapchat stories even before getting into the loo.

We have so much engaged ourselves with the technology and its facades that we have become blind to the little beautiful things we are bestowed with. Ever wondered the reason why people nowadays are so prone to be hit by depression or why are they so much inclined towards the idea of taking away their lives?

There is no doubt that the times have changed, work load has increased and so has increased the pace of life. But it’s really necessary that you manage to take out some time from your busy schedule to share cherishable moments with your loved ones and to have a good laugh.

Those good old times need to be relived when the entire family would sit together in the living room to watch a TV program and have a good laugh or those funny dinner table conversations and chirpings which the lonesome walls of your house are now deprived of.

A good laugh has a myriad of medicinal values attached to it; here are some:

A Good ‘Laugh’ Is All You Need To Lead A Happy Life

  • Having a laugh instantly helps to reduce the stress in your life. It also balances the stress hormones in the body, maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of the person.
  • Laughing also increases the production of beneficial hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters. Some studies also suggest that increase in the production of endorphins helps to threshold the pain or dampen its effect, caused due to an unfortunarte incident in the person’s life
  • Laughing also helps a person to stay healthy. Expert researches say that laughing stimulates antibody cells to develop at faster rate by changing the chemistry of the body through hormonal shifts. The successive increase in antibody means that the body can now fight over the illness and infection at a faster speed.
  • Apart from the internal benefits, a hearty guffaw or a chirpy giggle also acts as a natural exercise where various muscle groups in your body create a movement. It engages diaphragm and abdominal muscle system in contracting and expanding while you have a laugh.
  • Laughing has also proved to fight against the diseases like cancer as it helps in increasing the levels of IFN (Interferon – gamma). It further stimulates NK cells, B- cells, T-cells, and immunoglobulin as it works to regulate the cell growth.
  • For people suffering with blood pressure, laughing could possibly be the best medicine. Try laughing more and witness the miracle yourself.
  • Laughing instantly enhances your mood and helps you to do your work with more interest and efficiency.

A Good ‘Laugh’ Is All You Need To Lead A Happy Life

So the motto is to have a laugh and enjoy the moment!

Be it having the entire family seated together to watch a TV show or meeting your pals or having a trip down the memory lane to share a laugh over those crazy times that you had. Remember, somebody has aptly said “laughter is the best medicine”.

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