Walking on Kim Kardashian’s footsteps! Supermodel Kendall Jenner has set the temperature soaring following her new photoshoot in a velvet pink bra. Let’s checkout the pic.

Taking their brand to a whole new level, Kendall Jenner and younger sister Kylie Jenner have recently collaborated with Topshop to launch a new line of their lingerie section. And Modelling it herself, Kendall Jenner flawlessly flaunted her pink coloured sheer velvet bra for the ad campaign.

Although, Both Kendall and Kylie have collaborated but Kylie is seen no where in the delightful photoshoot. Kendall Jenner is looking absolutely smoking as she poses in a distressed jeans and a pink bra. Moreover, Kendall’s shoulder-length locks, her light make up and her pink lips matching with her bra is also worth watching.

Kendall Jenner Flaunts Sheer Bra In A New Campaign

Kylie Jenner might not be seen in the photoshoot but she is definitely adding to the rumours that she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend of five months, Travis Scott. Kylie Jenner is always a favourite on social media due to her racy pics. However, the 20-year-old lip-kit mogul decided to hold back this time. Perhaps, It’s because of her little baby-bump which is don’t want anybody to see.

Kylie has not yet confirmed whether she is pregnant or not. However, she is doing every possible thing to make us believe that she is expecting. Earlier in the day, Kylie posed some puzzling snaps in which she is seen wearing a blue coloured button-down shirt. 

It’s strange because the lip-kit mogul is always flaunting her tiny waist and audacious curves in provocative attires but now from a past few weeks, she is only seen fancying baggy clothes. 

Image courtesy – Instagram

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