After making huge waves in the Entertainment Industry following her role in “The Wolf Of The Wall Street”, Margot Robbie might be now considering to play one of Hugh Hefner’s wife in his Biopic. Let’s find out it’s true.

Hugh Hefner’s death is definitely a big blow to the Entertainment Industry. Not just he was a legendary Icon but his work ethics are really hard to find in today’s generation. With a net worth of more than $45 million, Hugh Hefner was definitely one of most successful entrepreneurs of all time. And making a Biopic soon after his death is indeed a brilliant idea.

The movie is being directed by Brett Ratner and Jared Leto has been already signed by him to play Hugh Hefner in the Biopic. Furthermore, Brett and Jared are looking to rope in Margot Robbie to play one of Hugh Hefner’s wife in the Biopic.

Jared Leto has been signed to play Hugh Hefner in the Biopic

Earlier, Margot Robbie turned down an offer to pose in the Playboy Magazine due to some personal reasons and it would be interesting now to see whether she will agree to play the role of Hugh’s wife in his Biopic.

While all these speculations are floating around, different sources have different stories. According to Mirror, featuring in a movie is very much different than featuring in a magazine and Margot Robbie is considering to play an important role in the biopic.

Margot Robbie To Play Hugh Hefner’s Wife In His Biopic
Margot Robbie will surely bring unique spice to the movie if singned

However, Hollywood Life believes that all these rumours are definitely not true. Only time will tell if the “Suicide Squad” actress will feature in Hugh Hefner’s biopic or not, But one thing’s for sure that she will not be looking forward to remove clothes in the movie.

According to Daily Mail, Margot Robbie has already declared that she has put her family though enough and she will not get nude in any movie again. (Margot Robbie stripped down all her clothes for a scene in the movie “The Wolf of The Wall Street”)

Hugh Hefner died on 27 September due to a cardiac arrest and has been laid to rest alongside Marilyn Monroe – The first actress/model to feature on Playboy Magazine’s centrefold.

Hugh Hefner with his wife Crystal Harris

Do you want to see Margot Robbie playing one of the three wives of Hugh Hefner in the Biopic?? Let us know in the comment box.

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