Looks like Jealously has taken over Tyga! Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga is not keeping clam as he is now planning to destroy Kylie Jenner by revealing her gloomiest secrets via diss tracks and tell-all books! Let’s find out more.

Kylie Jenner’s fans are not very much pleased with her pregnancy news and neither is her ex-boyfriend, Tyga. Rumours have it that the 27-year-old rapper is going to reveal her ex-girlfriend’s darkest secrets. Disgusting! Isn’t it?

Tyga Is Destroy Kylie Jenner By Her Darkest Secrets
Things are getting seriously heated up now!

According to Hollywood Life, Tyga is very upset about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy news and watching her start a family with another man is just too much for him. “Tyga is locked and loaded with Kylie and the whole Kardashian family aimed in his cross-hairs” a source close to Tyga tells HL.

“Tyga knows everything about his ex’s private life, and he is ready to write diss tracks revealing intimate details from Kylie’s world” the source adds. Well, this is not just it! The source also revealed that Tyga has been fielding book deals and big interviews to reveal Kylie Jenner’s secrets.

Don’t you think Tyga is going too far?

Ouch! That is definitely going to hurt the 20-year-old lip-kit mogul. We are able to recall a same situation like this that terrified Kardashian family earlier this year. A few months back, Khloe Kardashian’s ex husband Lamar Odom threatened to reveal her darkest secrets in his tell all book and now Tyga is doing the same to scare the hell out of Kylie.

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Well, “Life Of Kylie” didn’t allow the world to have a look the darker side of Kylie Jenner (If Any). Perhaps, Tyga’s diss tracks will! 

Tyga has been hit hard following the news that Kylie is carrying Travis Scott’s baby. These diss tracks and book deals talks have just come after when Tyga said that he doesn’t see Kylie and Travis together for a longer period of time. Yes, Tyga believes that Kylie Jenner will dump Travis Scott too even if he is the father of her baby.

Kylie started dating Travis soon after parting ways with Tyga

That’s absolutely sinister! Watching your ex with another man is definitely hard but treating them like hell and threatening them to reveal their darkest secrets is never a quality of a Gentleman!

What do you think, Will Tyga really reveal Kylie Jenner’s secrets?? Let us know in the comment box.

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