Wondering what’s actually going on between Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin? Well, here are all the crispy details. Let’s check it out!

After making an appearance on HBO’s ballers, Paola Paulin has caught the eye of Canadian Pop Star Justin Bieber. The rumoured couple has now been spotted a couple of times together and reportedly they are going head over heels for each other.

Spotted Again! Justin and Paula at the Hillsong Church on October 4

According to US Weekly, Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin are falling for each other. “They are totally smitten with each other” a source close to Biebs tells US Weekly. However, this is not the only thing the source have told the mag as it has also revealed some spicy details about their ongoing relationship.

“Justin and Paola had met earlier in the day (talking about September 27) and Justin insisted she go to church with him, Later they enjoyed an intimate, private date”, the source added. Well, the moment we saw these two together, we knew they were on to something!


In case you are not aware, Justin and Paola were spotted together again on October 4 at the Hillsong church. The two love-birds were not just seen walking side-by-side during the church service but they were also spotted leaving the church together in Justin’s ride. Click here to see Paola leaving church with Justin Bieber.

And just when we were wondering where the alleged couple were headed to from the Church, The source added that Justin and his new lady-love, Paola Paulin were spotted together again at Soho House in West Hollywood. 

Looks Like Justin Bieber & Paola Paulin Are In Love
Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin leaving Hillsong Church together

“She had a salmon salad and Justin ordered for a chicken salad”. And soon they were all over each other and didn’t care who was watching”, the source added.

Well, Justin Bieber has been enjoying his time lately. After revealing that continuous touring around the world was taking a toll on his mind and body, Justin decided to stop all and take a serious break.

The 23-year-old pop star is looking happier than ever before. Furthermore, watching him spending time with a new lady and also bringing her to his favourite Hillsong church, might be an indication that the “Sorry” hitmaker is onto something really romantic.

What do you think, Do Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin look adorable together?? Let us know in the comment box.

Image Source – JustJared/Backgrid


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