Are you tired of training hard in the gym and getting no results? Then, there are some basics you need to know about.

It is not only the hard work you throw in the gym, also some other mass building tips you should take care of. Furthermore, make use of the tips given below and follow them on the regular basis.

Rule No. 1. Sleep a lot


It’s the basic rule of bodybuilding that you need appropriate amount of sleep. If you wish for the mass building then you should get sufficient amount of sleep. You grow only when you sleep not while training. Getting good sleep is as much efficient as getting healthy food. In case of any further of this basic rule, it will result in impediment of growth, recovery, energy levels, and hormone levels.

Rule No. 2. Eat healthy and protein rich food


Another rule you would know, but the question here is are you really following it? If you learn what to eat and in how much amount, it will make a huge difference in your progress. Make sure the food you are taking is rich in proteins and of good quality. Also, take some good amount of fat, adding more mass to your body.

As it is said in our field, “mass moves mass,” so gradually you need to increase the calories content to increase mass.

Rule No. 3. Be careful with Cardio


You have to make a choice, either you want to be a bodybuilder or a runner. It’s obvious you can only be one. As there is a saying in the world of Bodybuilding:

“Don’t run if you can walk, don’t stand if you can sit, and don’t stay awake if you can sleep.”

This means that you can either be huge or strong or be a marathoner. Not every marathoner can lift 500 pounds of weight, similarly, not every weightlifter can run a marathon. So, it goes either way. Lessen the amount of cardio, if you want to progress in mass building.

Rule No. 4. Consumption of salt

Top 4 Basic Mass Building Tips You Should Know

Drinking water is healthy, but if I tell you, your body isn’t absorbing the whole? It’s a fact that water is absorbed properly with water. There is a requirement of sodium to absorb all the water you are drinking. Drinking water is one of the most basic mass building tip which everyone should know.

Also, the content of vitamins you intake loses its worth if there is lack of sodium in it. Another thing about the importance of sodium is that it reduces the risk of any cardiovascular problems you may face with the growing age. You may find it hilarious, but this salt is a bigger performance enhancer in comparison to creatine.

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