Justin Bieber was spotted again with his new romantic fling, Paola Paulin at the Hillsong Church. However, the night could have been very awkward as he was joined by his exes Hailey Baldwin and Kourtney Kardashian at the church service. Let’s find out more.

Canadian Popstar Justin Bieber might on to something romantic! Justin has now been spotted for the second time with his rumoured love interest Paola Paulin. On October 4, Justin Bieber and Paola were seen walking side-by-side at the Hillsong Church in Los Angeles, California.


Does it really mean something?? Is Justin Bieber really dating Paula Paulin?? Well, all these questions can be answered by Justin himself but what we know is that this is something more than “Just Friendship”!

However, what was supposed to be a romantic getaway from Justin’s side, could have been proven drastic if he accidentally ran in to one of her exes, Hailey Baldwin or Kourtney Kardashian as both were present at the same time at the Hillsong church.


Fortunately, nothing happened but it could have been an awkward situation if Justin had accidentally ran into any of her exes at the time of the Church Service. Well, the feeling of running in to an ex is not new for Justin Bieber as he has had possible potential of an awkward running into Selena Gomez at the Hillsong Church earlier this year.

Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin were spotted together at a service in Beverly Hills for the first time. The rumoured couple were also spotted leaving together as Paola hopped in the back seat of Justin’s ride after they both were done with the Church Service.


What do you think, Is Paola Paulin a perfect match for Justin Bieber?? Let us know in the comment box.

Image Courtesy – JustJared/HollywoodLife


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