The cushy area between your pecs and your lower body often acts  stubborn when it comes to burning belly fat.

Belly fat is nothing more than a nuisance which often makes you look down at yourself, when you hit the gym, see other fit guys or wish to wear sexy tight tee. Don’t worry, here we bring you some tips on how to reduce the belly fat.

1. Running


Start running, it costs nothing. You just need to take a dose of motivation, and then start running in the early morning. Invite a friend to accompany you, who will ensure that you do not cheat with the metres you plan to cover.


2. Crunches


After you complete your day’s workout, go for some crunches. If you go to an evening or night gym, then schedule crunches for morning. Do not think of running away from this exercise, which works effectively to reduce belly fat. There are different variations of crunches to try, such as twist crunches, side crunches, reverse crunches, etc.


3. Lunge Twist


Lunge twist is one of the best cardio exercises you need to add to your post workout session. It helps in reducing the belly fat, if done properly. Lunge twists are meant for your whole body and give an extra attention to your middle portion. Use dumbbells and lunge forward to twist the body.


4. Cycling


Another physical exercise which can help you in reducing the belly fat is cycling. Cycling not only reduces the fat, but also helps in maintaining your body muscles. It increases stamina and is considered a good exercise to be performed during the warm up session of your workout.


5. Bending side to side

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat
Weights are Optional

This is an exercise which you can do in your leisure time. You can try this even during a lunch break in your office. You just need to bend your body to sideways in a motion for just 5-10 minutes, 2 times daily. Initially, it will make your body more flexible and then it will help to reduce extra fat off your belly.

Reducing fat off your belly is really easy if you are determined and ready to put some hard work. Not eating anything will not help you lose the belly way; it will only make you weak and sick. Eat healthy food, avoid sweet and sugary foods and work hard to build a fit body without any extra fat. Stay healthy, stay fit!

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