Life is Tough but Ashley Hart is Tougher! Talking about her past struggles with her body image and more in a recent Interview, Ashely Hart served as a serious inspiration to all the ladies out there. Let’s find out more.

Need some inspiration? Take Ashely Hart as an example! The Aussie model has opened up about the struggles she has gone through in the past related to her body image and eating problems.

In a recent shoot with Conscious Collection, Ashley Hart has showed her sexiest and her toughest side too. Talking to the mag, Ashley revealed that she wanted to look skinny for many years.


“For many years I tried to skinner” Ashely tell Conscious Collection. “If I could have been taller I would have. I was always trying to fit into the role of what I thought people wanted me to be” Ashely added.

Well, It’s very brave of Ashley Hart to open up about her past struggles and the way she overcame them.

The 28-year-old model has been quite vocal about her struggles with body image. She even talked about her eating disorders to Women’s Health earlier this year. After being asked to loose weight by some people in the industry, Ashely Hart became over conscious about her health and her diet.


“I was being told to lose weight. But more than that, It was my own perception of how I wanted to look. A time of counting every almond or bit of apple, I was literally over-exercising and trying not to eat” Ashely told Women’s Health.

Well, beating all the odds and finding out what was right for her, Ashley hart emerged out as a winner as she finally found a way to live happy and healthy life.

“I’m finally at a place where I’m loving life. It’s beautiful to get to a place where we can have a beautiful relationship with ourselves and love who we are”, Ashely tells Conscious Collection.

There is no doubt Ashley Hart has learned the fact that being at peace is the most important thing for any person. Moreover, she looks better than ever now. Striking a few different poses in some sexy attires, Ashley Hart has flawlessly showed off her incredible bod.

Rocking a black swimsuit beneath a baggy white shirt, Ashley Hart flawlessly showcased her toned thighs and luscious blonde strands.


In another picture, The Swisse Ambassador is seen relaxing over the grass while flaunting her whole lotta legs at the same time.

Ashley Hart Opens Up About Her Past Struggles

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Image Courtesy – Google Images/DailyMail/Conscious Collection


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