Seems like there is no stopping for Kriti Sanon from showing off her beauty to the world. This time, she is grabbing the eyeballs of people on social media after featuring on the cover of Hello Magazine’s monthly edition. So, she is the feature model of the October Issue of the fashion magazine. Also, this is not the first time we are seeing her on the cover of any magazine.

Kriti Sanon Features The Cover Of Hello Magazine's October Edition
Kriti Sanon Features The Cover Of Hello Magazine’s October Edition

Take a look at the official cover of Hello Magazine’s festive October edition featuring Kriti Sanon.

Hello Magazine's festive October cover featuring Kriti Sanon
Hello Magazine’s festive October cover featuring Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon is one of the very few actresses in Bollywood, who could wear anything and look flawless. Let it be exotic, ethereal, or chic, Kriti Sanon manages to wear them all with style. In this cover of the magazine, she looks like rising out of the water to lure travelers to Oman. As the tagline on the cover says, “An exotic getaway to Oman with Kriti Sanon.”  We should appreciate the girl behind this beautiful representation of Kriti, her stylist, Sonam Poladia. She came up with this idea of adoring the classy jewelry and the headwear on the Bollywood actress.

Courtesy of Hello Magazine, Kriti Sanon looks beautiful in this look.
Courtesy of Hello Magazine, Kriti looks beautiful in this look.

The Bollywood actress is looking absolutely gorgeous in this strapless gilded outfit and an ornate maang tika. Hello Magazine tried to keep a traditional touch with the ornaments for their festive edition because of the upcoming festival of Diwali. However, the photoshoot took place in Oman and Kriti delivered the whole shoot very well. The actress is still enjoying the success of her film, Bareilly Ki Barfi. Also, she has managed to reach the top league of Bollywood within a very short time and has a promising future ahead.

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