Canadian PopStar Justin Bieber is feeling the heat following the deadliest terrorist attack in Las Vegas. In a recent clip, Justin is urging his fans and the people to stay strong and do not let fear take over.

The world has been shocked again following the most lethal terrorist attack in America, Las Vegas, which has left more than 59 people dead and around 500 injured and groaning with pain. What was supposed to be a music festival in Vegas, Proved to be the most deadliest night in the history of the country.

Justin Bieber Ask Fans To Stay Strong Following Las Vegas Terrorist Attack
Justin Bieber is feeling the heat following the mass shooting in Las Vegas

On October 1, An assassin opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay and Resort in Las Vegas. In the quest to create panic and shoot as much people as he can, The Terrorist used high-powered weapons and according to the people present at the Music Festival, The man just kept firing shots and shots until all was done and dusted.

Thousands and Thousands of people are disturbed following this inhuman activity and so is Justin Bieber. The PopStar was recorded in a video while urging the people to stay strong. “We just have to stay strong and not let fear take over, you know? It’s a really scary thing”, Justin said in a really low tone. Click here to see the video.

When asked if he is going to beef up security at his upcoming concerts, Justin replied that he is in no mood to perform and he don’t have any plans on doing any shows.

Fans won’t be able to see Justin Bieber perform n stage anytime soon

Justin Bieber is taking a break from performing and all kind of shows as Touring was taking a toll on his body and mind. The 23-year-old Popstar also cancelled his rest of the dates of “Purpose World Tour” due to the same reason. Justin Bieber also sent his love and prayers to the lives and families affected in the mass shooting.

The deadliest terrorist attack in Las Vegas just came four months after the lethal explosion in Ariana Grande’s concert in England.

Send your love and prayers to the lives and families affected by the shooting in the comments below.

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