When it comes to females, it is always difficult to understand them. Not just because of the things running on their mind but also it is because of the various things going on in their body.

Here, We will be telling you about some facts about the female body that you probably didn’t know. What are we waiting for then? Let’s start the countdown :

  • Women’s Immune system is stronger than Men :

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Female Body

Yeah, you heard it right, there is a reason why God chose the mother to give birth to a child. According to McGill University in Canada, there was a research done that women tend to have powerful immune system because of the secretion of a hormone called Estrogen in their body. This is one the major reason why Women don’t fall ill very often.

  • Women have a higher pain threshold :

Women have a higher pain threshold

It is believed that Women have a higher pain threshold and they can just deal with pain better as compared to men. But this is not just because of their adjustable characteristics but also because of a scientific reason. It is believed that giving birth raises a women’s pain threshold. We don’t doubt that, As women can endure that pain she probably can deal with any other pain in the world.

  • Women can see more colours :

Women can see more colours

Yes, Women can see more colours than men. Women have the ability to see wider spectrum of hues in the Red-Orange colour range. Where normal men can sometime get confused in differentiating  between green and red colour, Women are far more efficient in differentiating colour. This is probably because of the combination they have of one normal gene on one X-Chromosome and a mutated one on the other.

  • Women have a better memory :

Women have a better memory

Ever Wondered why your wife or your girlfriend remembers all the dates about your anniversary and your birthday and moreover the day you met first?? This is not only because of the true feelings they have for you but there’s a scientific reason behind this. According to a research done in Aston University in England, Female body secrets some hormones in excessive amount as compared to men that helps them to remember all small details. Moreover, Men have different brain structure as compared to women, The Hippocampus gets smaller in the ages between 20-40 in men while in women it doesn’t.

  • Women listen differently to men :

Women listen differently to men

Women probably takes everything seriously because of the fact they listen more, moreover differently as compared to men. There was a research done in which both men and women were subjected to hear loud voices and According to neurological difference, It was observed that men only listen with the left part of their brain while a women uses both the sides of their brain while listening.

  • Women cannot handle Alcohol the same as men :

Women cannot handle Alcohol the same as men :

You might have observed you girl drinking the same amount of beer or vodka in the bar with you but you should also notice that the hangover they deal with is probably much worse than you. This is not because women are not used to drink that much as compared to men but this is because of the their body functioning. A female body doesn’t produce that much amount of stomach enzymes that is needed to break down ethanol. Moreover, a female body does not have that much water to dilute the alcohol which ultimately results in more and even worse hangover.

  • Why Women Cry more??

Why Women Cry more??

Everyone believes that women cry more as compared to men because this is socially more accepted by people in the society! Ever Wondered what is the actual cause behind women’s tears? Women are biologically built to cry! Sounds rude but that’s true! Neuroscientists say that women’s tear glands are very much different as compared to men’s. Moreover, Women have higher levels of a hormone called Prolactin in their body which produce tears.

  • Left Breasts are different that right Breasts :

Left Breasts are different that right Breasts

Well this is something strange but this is a fact that a Women’s left breast is different as compared to the right one. Left Breast is probably bigger than the right one. Moreover, It could be rounder than the other one or It could be a little higher than the right one. However, The nipples and Areolas are same at both sides.

These were some of the facts that you probably didn’t know about the female body. If you knew any of the above listed facts or you know any other specific one, then you can tell us in the comments below!

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