“First impression is the last impression” this is just not a saying but also a true fact.

Girls don’t seek for a shiny smartphone or your toned body at their first meeting rather they just check you out and inspect you over your behaviour at that very moment because good and decent guys is always more preferable than guys who are just good in looks.

Here are some helpful things that will increase your chances to date her for long period and will surely avoid you from getting polite no for second date.

  • Mind your eyes


Eye contact is really an important thing to keep in mind if you want to impress her. Girls don’t like those who are absent-minded and talk to them with no eye contact. You have to be very confident and mannered while looking towards her.

Don’t stare at her just steadily see her and listen to everything she is saying with showing your focus on her which will result in a good conversation as she will feel better and important while talking to you.

  • Posture you carry


Your body language is the most important thing which tells a lot about you and your inner self. The way you stand, walk, talk and behave is one of the most noticeable things in you for girls and others too. This shows your interest towards others and also depicts the kind of personality you carry with yourself. A guy should walk straight with no signs of laziness showcasing the confidence and strength he carries with himself.

  • Be punctual and mannered


During meeting her for the first time or if you are going on a pre planned date you should always be well mannered and immaculate. Being polite, kind and generous is always preferred. Most importantly be on time and never leave your girl waiting at a restaurant or any other place as being late on your first time will surely end up as a negative feedback about you.

Be caring and show her some respect with offering her to order as per her wish and asking about how’s she is feeling as is she comfortable or not. This all will let her feel valuable and will surely add some marks into your personality.

  • Dressing sense


Your dressing sense says a lot about you and about your personality. Choice of your clothes is essentially important to keep a mind on to seek better results. Choosing fitting clothes, with good sense of colour combinations with let you have a better confidence and attention from girls.

Avoiding bright colours is a point you will always love to keep in mind as it will broadcast you as some guy who is overloaded with fashion for a casual meet. So just be simple and immaculate to avoid bad things to get noticed.

  • Your personal hygiene


If you want to leave a good impact then make sure to maintain your personal hygiene by having clean hair, nice odour, trimmed nails and tidy footwear. Buying a pleasant deodorant will help you to have a better impression. Clean and ironed clothes with nice pair of shoes and a pleasant smile on your face will do the rest.

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