Exercise is must for a human body it helps to maintain physical fitness and good health. It keeps you away from the risk of various diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc.

practicing exercise regularly can enhance your appearance and slow the ageing process. But swim is kind of exercise which we all love no matter what your age is and the best part about it is it’s a sweat free exercise. If you are looking to improve fitness and build muscles then you can’t get a better option for exercise than swimming.

What makes swimming more special is it’s a full body workout and you need not concentrate on one part of body as compared to the gym workout and here the chances of injury are very few. So let’s further see the other physical and mental health benefits of swimming.

Improves Your Cardiovascular Fitness


As swimming is an exercise for your entire body so you are going to get more out of the swimming in terms of fitness. While you practice swimming your arms are pulled and legs get a kick as you move ahead and rotate. So if you practice running you can see only muscle build in your legs but while you do swimming you gain strength and build muscle throughout your entire body.

Since your every body part is activated while doing swimming hence there is no doubt that you don’t improve your Cardiovascular Fitness. Swimming is one of the best and most recommended aerobic exercise to give you a full body workout.

Rare chances of getting injured


Since you are not lifting any weights or heavy instruments like your gym workout so the chances of getting injured while practicing swimming is rare. It’s a great exercise since you do not put stress on your joints. You might pick up tendonitis in your shoulder areas but that too is very rare and the injury will be very low grade and not something massive. As there is no weight-bearing and with very few chances of injury swimming makes up for the perfect exercise for your entire body.

Helps you to lose Weight


As said Swimming is a full body exercise which makes it easy to burn calories. It’s a great exercise for the overweight people or for any one who is trying to get into shape and build lean muscle mass. A gentle swim can help to burn over 200 calories in just half an hour of practicing swimming which is more than double of walking.

If you know the correct technique and once you hit the right note than there is no one who could stop you from attaining you goal.

Gives you a mental break


Life can get sometimes too exhausting and hectic and if you are looking to cut off from the rest of the world chill and relax than swimming is answer to all your questions. Pool is the best pace to be in as you can shun the tension and mentally de-stress yourself. We all have varied problems in life and at time we want to run away and just scream a loud. So indulging into some swimming can help you lower you stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and help you get better sleep.

Improves your flexibility

Not that much though! XD

The movement created while you are swimming helps to lengthen your muscles in a way which makes joints more flexible and helps I easy recovery. In the pool you need to be straight which stretches your entire body. It may not be as effective as yoga or Pilates but it surely has lots of therapeutic effect in terms of stretching your entire body.

Improves your sleeping pattern


As you do exercise like swimming and as it involves lot of physical stretch. Hence you are twice more likely to get good sleep at night. Those who practice swimming regularly have seen to get over the problem of insomnia and waking too early. The result in the survey conducted by National Sleep Foundation also showed positive improvement in the sleeping pattern of the people.

Lowers risk of various diseases


Not only is swimming good for your heart and amazing form of cardiovascular exercise but it has shown positive result towards battling various diseases and health issues. It has shown control in the blood sugar levels, reduction in the level of bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lessens the risk of type II diabetes, chances of heart disease and stroke.

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