Ketogenic diet the concept which has probably gained a lot of popularity off lately amongst the youth and everyone who is looking to get into the shape.

It can be of real help who are bulked up and looking to get cut or for someone trying to cut off the fat in general. So let us understand what Ketogenic diet is really and how does it functions.

Normally what happens is we tend to have an intake of carb rich food and then those carbs are converted into glucose and then it is transported around the body and is also used to fuel the brain. But here in Ketogenic diet carbs are replaced by fats where the fat intake is broken into fatty acids and ketone bodies. So these ketones are now used as a source of energy to fuel the brain.


Food items to consume during Ketogenic diet :

  • Any non veg home cooked food like egg, red meat, chicken; fish etc is can be included during the diet.
  • You can also have clarified ghee, butter, coconut oil, flax seed oil, cottage cheese (paneer), tofu, Greek yoghurt etc. All those vegetarians aiming to start with Ketogenic diet need to highly rely on cottage cheese as it’s a great source for both fats and proteins.
  • In terms of veggies you can have anything leafy like spinach, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, red cabbage etc. vegetables like carrot, beetroot, potato, onions etc. should be completely avoided as it has high sugar content.
  • Protein shakes are something which one needs to include in their Ketogenic diet plan. As it’s a weight loss diet and since you are on a constant caloric deficit and if you don’t get enough protein you will end up burning muscle mass. So to avoid burning of muscle mass protein shakes are a must in your Ketogenic diet.


Pros of Ketogenic diet :

  • It helps in quick weight loss and the results from Ketogenic diet probably last for the longest time.
  • Also proves to be beneficial in combating the metabolism of the body.
  • It also helps to heal and auto immune various diseases like epilepsy, Alzheimer etc.
  • Also Ketogenic diet helps to improve over dental health.



Cons of Ketogenic diet :

  • The biggest problem seen while following the Ketogenic diet is suffering from constipation. This problem can be corrected by having psyllium husk or by adding leafy vegetable juice to you diet.
  • There may be temporary strength loss or you may feel a bit cranky or dizzy but that is completely normal as you are new to the diet plan it will take some time for you to adapt towards it.
  • The plan cannot be of much help to put on muscle mass.

Thus if you choose to go by the Ketogenic diet plan be head strong and stick by it initially you may have problems but its normal to have it.

Be assured as the results you are going to get is worth the hard work as it will probably last you lifetime with due maintenance.

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