Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows in the today’s world. So, today we bring to you Peter Dinklage’s top rules to become successful.

Peter Dinklage plays one of the important characters, ‘The Imp’ Tyrion Lannister. He possess an inspirational personality for those who think they can’t do anything in their life. So, read his rules of success and hopefully it will inspire you for better.

  1. Do not live in the past



Quoting the words of the man himself, “I want to go into the future. I think this, I don’t know if I would use this machine or relive any memories. I think it’s sort of, can be distractive. That’s my take away from it.”

Peter Dinklage is the man of present who believes in future. He thinks it is not good to live in the past or have any clarity about the past. Always move on, what’s there in the past should remain in the past.

  1. Challenge People’s Expectations


Always challenge People’s expectations. Do not let anything to be predictable. If people think you’re going to take this step, do not make them be ‘sure’ about it. Always lay down some sense of probability in your actions so that your competitors cannot judge your next move.

“You just got to push the envelope and challenge people’s expectations and ideas of what’s going to happen next. And I think we do that. And I think that adds to the addiction of the show. You never know what’s around the corner,” says Peter Dinklage.

  1. Fail better


“Try Again.. Fail Again.. FAIL BETTER!”

Following this golden rule given by Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister, you may be the better man in your life. He shared his story of how he had to live in a house for 6 years without heat. If you want to achieve success you need to face different obstacles which may arrive in your road to glory.

However, never give up. Even if you fail, Get up and try again!

  1. Take your own path



Peter Dinklage believes in originality and is not fond of those who wants to be someone else. He says that if you want to achieve success in your life then you need to bring in your A-Game. So, you must take your own path and start walking towards the aim.

You will meet many new people and is not sure if they will motivate you or not. Also, keep your motivation level up so that people will get to know who you are and from where you came.

  1. Embrace Suffering

Top Rules For Success From Peter Dinklage

Always welcome the life lessons you get taught day by day. It’s natural on anyone’s part to be a part of betrayal and laziness. Furthermore, Peter Dinklage lays his opinion on his 5th rule of success:

“I think you need a time in your life right after college to suffer a little bit to keep you on your toes.”

It’s a special tip for those who just passed out colleges and are going to begin with entrepreneurship. However, it’s a very good choice to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, you need to learn from your mistakes and suffering you face.

These are top 5 rules of success by Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) to inspire you. I hope these rules will help you out and make you achieve success in your life!

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