It is important to keep your muscles fit and active as it is the requirement of every human body, in order to work accordingly.

The heart is also a muscle, and the task of keeping it healthy can be done through cardio exercises. Cardio exercises  play a significant role in developing a stronger heart muscle, which consequently improves your bodily functions and health conditions by pumping more oxygen into the body. In addition to that, it also improves immune system and helps in losing fat, by increasing the metabolism rate.

Now that you have understood the importance of cardio exercises, let’s tell you how do you need to brace up yourself for the world of fitness. As you are in the beginner level, you need to go for some low impact exercises, which will prepare you for a heavy cardio workout session in near future.


  1. Jogging at one place




Hit your day with some jogging. This is the easiest of all the exercises; it will help in building your stamina and will keep your body rejuvenated for the rest of the day. To get the best out of it, you may make some modifications as well. Mix your jogging with some jumping and marching to get better results.


  1. Cycling


Cycling is another easy-to-do exercise. You can add cycling as a warm-up to your pre-workout sessions, in the gym. A 10 to 15-minutes’ session of cycling will be good for a start, and you can increase this time interval, once you start progressing.


  1. Treadmill


Treadmill is beneficial for the pre-workout as well as the post-workout sessions, therefore it’s always a better idea to add Treadmill in your daily routine. To avoid monotony, you can opt for different exercises on a treadmill like, mix up jogging with walking or walking with running. Continue on a treadmill for at least 15 minutes without any hindrance.


  1. Punches and Squat Standing static

Best Cardio Exercises For Beginner

This exercise is all about throwing punches after doing a squat. Isn’t it simple? Add this exercise to your cardio workout and the results will be witnessed within a few weeks. Squats work on the whole body and there is no reason to miss them out. This variation will improve your body’s static movement.

Remember, to be a man full of beans, you need to get your brain straight and to focus on building your body muscles. If you have just started hitting the gym and stand in the beginner stage, then it is necessary for you to pour some sweat in these best cardio workouts. Stay healthy, stay fit!

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