Have you ever failed in an exam and felt miserable about it, but then you find out that your best friend has failed too. Phewwh.. Sigh of relief isn’t it? And it also boosts up your confidence to certain extent.

You don’t feel that miserable about yourself now. That is the simple nature, we humans love it when we relate, when we find out that there is somebody else too going through the same crap, we have been dealing with.

Lately, social media’s evolution has shot up expeditiously. It is a lot more now than chatting, sharing your own views and stalking. Social media is now the basic entertainment mode that we scroll down the first thing in the morning, even prior to rushing to toilet. Right now, the star in this feature is the ‘Meme‘ trend and you have to accept that it is a major part of your lives too.

You can give hours to scrolling down through these memes because yes, they do brighten up your day. Most of you find them very relatable to yourself or your friends and consequently, you keep tagging them all day. Hence, tagging your bffs in the latest memes has become more of a #friendshipgoals among social media enthusiasts.

There are numerous pages which feature myriad variety of memes on social media and some of them are so true, they might lead people to modern salvation. They give you the reality check you need to know, the jokes you want to hear, the details you wanted to mention but damn someone else did! But that feels great too.

Some of the most popular pages which create ‘humorously ours’ memes are cyanide and happiness, my weird therapis says, betches, 9gag, tanksinatra and many more.
With the right memes and the right sources, you actually could go through some really cool enlightenment because they are on point and no crap. Memes make us feel different

Memes understand how weird you are


There are a million similar people to you out there, but you just need to hear that they might be as amazingly weird as you are. Even your friends might not understand that you don’t want to go out this Friday night but the memes will do. Memes make you feel normal about yourself. Maybe you are not that useless after all!


Memes introduce you to what’s trending


Rather than the old ways to look up into the internet and surf on what’s trending, memes do the service for you; and even if you are somebody following an interest not many people do, you will find the commons. As we know how social media goes crazy with memes when anything new launches, this way they help you being aware of the outside world in your own isolation. Game of thrones. Check.


Memes evoke nostalgia


There are a lot of things we have gone through in our lives and did not notice. Because well we are sick ignorant people. Memes do not fail to record even those past happenings. They give us a hit of nostalgia, especially through the memes that say, “raise your hands if you have ever done”. Give you a reminder of your guilty pleasures too, don’t they?

Memes unite people undergoing same state of mind


You might be having a really rough lifestyle and there are things that you are not sure everybody might understand. Then you go around memes that only people that have common perspective like you, share. You feel exclusive then!

Memes make you feel less loser


We know you might be really worried at these times with numerous amount of pressure on your head, and it may feel at times that you are the only one going through all the sufferings and tensions, which may also compel you to feel like a complete loser. But hey! there are a lot out there. This sense of alienation and loneliness that millions of people go through, when seen at a single platform, you feel a bit relieved as you witness how people have also been successfully paving their way out of it.

Memes reflect a part of your life with such light humor that it somehow manages to sustain your faith back in your existence. These have related people in different ways definitely and have made us feel less embarrassed about multiple things we had done, plus they are funny so who cares! Be cool and proud always. Mics dropped!!


Image Source – Google Images


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