In the society’s muddle and serious life issues of job, studies, parents, relationship, sex; you know what girls are more petrified of? Answer: Haircuts.

Ranging from the decision of choosing the right hairstylist to the right hairstyle and the appropriate length, women have to deal with various hurdles to get that one ‘perfect look’. Even after the haircut if you think the drama is over, then wait!

Whether you realize it or not but haircut is an arduous decision and the result of a culmination of millions of second thoughts, plated up one over another and a huge piled up irritation over your old hairstyle.

Here are a lot of things that we go through when we win this war of getting the “perfect haircut”

You don’t really find big difference in your haircut, but you still pretend to like it


Most of the times we are reluctant to get a haircut with a major difference and after the haircut is done, we don’t really find any difference between the before-after condition of our hair. Besides that, when the stylist asks if you are satisfied, you say yes (because he seems to have worked pretty hard on your hair). So let’s avoid the argument with a professional and just flaunt what we got by putting on some makeup (let us look different in some way please!) .

We hate it when the stylist says that we should take care of our hair


We understand that a stylist has the right to point out, but not my hair mate! It does exasperate the guts out of you. The unconditional love for your hair arises. It is like a voice inside your body trying to whizz out to say, “ FYI I love my hair the way they are.”

Walk out of the parlor whipping your hair back and forth


When you actually get out of the salon and you realize that even the slightest breeze of air is capable to blow your hair, you make sure that you make ’em bounce. Your walk changes and you feel the world is your ramp, and your walk is all people notice. (I am sure they do, keep walking that walk).

Rubber bands avoided!


With such a prepped setting, who would want a crease that looks totally out of the pattern? If you have paid for the blow dry too, then you must totally utilise every penny you invested. Until and unless there is life taking heat, hair should stay open and blowy.

DP hunt

You know this look won’t remain intact for long, so you better get some pictures clicked right away. Apparently, selfie sessions are the priority right now. Who knows a 300+ profile pictures awaits.

Wear the best clothes to look the best in those hair


Well, this much amount of money, dedication and patience require a reward and your lovely look deserves to be enhanced with the best dress on it. So pull out the best dress from the wardrobe that had been moldering for weeks. The week goes all snazzy.

Bring in all plans to the table

Opposite to normal way of functioning where people get their hair styled for the plans. Now that we do have got perfect hair (that too temporarily!) so why no plan all the outings.

Head wash is an alien term for at least a week


You have the best product in your hair, the touch of a professional’s hand. Why just wash it away with a handful of shampoo and go back to the old hair. Unless the oil drips till the tip of your hair, the hair must stay away from water.

Mirrors have overtime


Now don’t you love flipping your hair a million times a day and watch yourself do it? Left partitions, right partition, no partition! It is like you are in a movie, but only that this movie isn’t getting recorded anywhere. I bet if mirrors could answer, you’d have asked the question “mirror mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest hair of them all”

We hope you keep getting the best looks and the best hair to flaunt and every haircut brings out the new side of the personality of yours. Whatever we go through in our lives, what sticks with us are the crazy things we do, and these things up here aren’t crazy. Hair flaunting is important. Period.

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