The most common mistake in the routine work out of gym going lads is that they pay least attention to the training of the back. Building a solid back is one of the most essential steps in the field of bodybuilding. Even if you do not want to pursue a career in bodybuilding, you need to train your back for various reasons, such as:

  • Strong back results in postural development.
  • Lats play a very prominent role in strength exercises.
  • Having a strong back also prevents us from any severe back injury.
  • Adds on to your personality.

Here are some tips that should be followed while training your back. Always remember that the back is way more important than other muscles.

  • Slow down the motion


If you want to get good results, you need to slow the speed of the reps you are taking out. You should focus on feeling your lats contract every inch while you go down or up. Make your one rep equal to two reps.

  • Using both: Machines and free Weights


Don’t be dependent on a single thing. If you find free weights difficult to carry while doing exercises, you should use them properly and try your level best. Remember, you are not gaining anything without pain!

  • Hold and squeeze


Learn to hold and squeeze at the end of each and every rep. Whenever you finish a single rep, hold on to that end position for at least a second and squeeze as much as you can. Feel the contraction in your back muscles and squeeze hard.

  • Keep changing the workout


A stage will come when you feel like you are not gaining anything. This is a hint that you need to think about changing your back workout. Do not become habitual of doing one sequence of sets. You need to bring variety in your exercises.

  • Maintain the body posture


One of the most important tips which everyone should follow is to maintain the body posture while doing the exercises. You need to keep your back straight while doing front and back lats. Do not bend your spine backward while doing such exercises with the help of barbell.

These were some points which you should keep in mind while training your back. Strong back means strong personality. With these tips, you can now focus on building back which might lead to the birth of a new bodybuilder in town! Work hard and stay focused.

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