Dana White is one of the most successful businessmen in the world. He started his career as a small entrepreneur and went on becoming the President of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

UFC is the biggest mixed martial artist organization in the world. As of 2014, his net worth was over $350 Million. Here are some of the top rules of success given by the man himself.

Have a closer look at the Rules for Success by Dana White :

  1. You have to work hard


To achieve success, you need to work hard. You cannot earn anything while sitting at home. You have to work hard and the road to success is not easy to do so. Quoting Dana White, he said:

“When you’re building a business like the UFC or any other business, you know you have to work and it never gets easier.”

  1. Have Goals


To achieve success, you need to have Goals in your life. In an interview, Dana White shared his story of first-ever UFC event. He said he attended the first ever UFC event held in New Orleans with Fertitta brothers. He and the brothers talked about how they could make the fighters do this or that. Then once they bought it, their only goal was to make this a global sport. Who knew a dream of three people sitting in the audience will lead to a hugely successful organization in the whole world?

Similarly, you should set your goals and stay focused used on it. It depends on your hard work whether to achieve the success or not.

  1. Know Your Job and Market


You should always know what your job demands. Also, you should take care of the market you’re dealing in. Considering UFC and Dana White, the audience wants a real competition and some lunatic action. So, Dana White and the team gives them what they want to see in a presentable manner. The cards are set and you get a UFC event as per the hype.

Keeping in mind this rule of success, you should always understand the meaning of your job. Also, what you’re dealing with and what could be the possible results of your actions.

  1. Timing is everything


Dana White is also called the Mr. Opportunist. He never missed any chance of drawing the box office. The cards are well-appreciated and most of the times they deliver. He considers ‘timing’ as ‘everything’ if you want to achieve success.

“Anything that you do in life, you know, when you become successful in life it has to do with timing with a lot of different things,” says Dana White.

  1. Make it happen


As he said before, set your goals before going any further. But setting the goals is not any worth until you start working on them. Once, you start working on them, you should ‘make it happen.’

In a recent interview, an interviewer asked the President of UFC on future and what he is expecting? He answered in a very confident manner saying he knows what will happen and is not expecting anything.

“Next two years. It’s going to be like that for the next two years for me. I already know and I have my mindset, and you know, I know that this is what my life is going to be like for the next two years till I get this thing dialed in,” says Dana White.

These are the top five rules of success shared by the President of UFC, Dana White. Hopefully, you will use these golden rules to achieve success in your life. Take Dana White as your inspiration and start walking towards success!

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