Unicorns may not be real, but the magic they left behind definitely is.

The unicorn trend has reached to the very peak of the fashion industry. The one horned horse has left the world to see its traces on everything that could possibly be modified into vibrant color palette, it offers. The unicorn color palette basically includes all the pastel shades as, where majority has fallen under the shades of pink. As this trend is many times said to be magical, it involves glitters too.



The streets of Manhattan validate craziness of this fairytale trend. Unicorn trend has won its way over the other similar fairytale trends, which include the “mermaid”, and the “dragon” trend. Not only this trend has conquered your basic apparels and accessories; it has also taken over food to a very great extent.

The unicorn products range from a wide variety clothes, nails, hair colors, accessories, foot wears, stationary, inflatable floaters, toys, tattoos, make up, Christmas trees to food and drinks.

Considering what impact this had on hair, people have started getting “unicorn hair” which is done by colouring their hair into a blend and shades of one or more pastel colors, giving it an ombre effect.



There is a huge variety of unicorn makeup, the most popular being the makeup brushes. We can see the body cosmetic glitter being applied by several party bugs. Other range of makeup product includes special lipstick ranges, eye shadows, blushes, nail paints, face highlighters and eyeliners too.



Moving on to the unicorn food obsession, Starbucks took a major step following the same trend by introducing its very popular “Unicorn Frappuccino”.

This drink has been a big hit in a lot of countries and is also hugely a popular element in the instagram food photography. The other very popular colorful unicorn food includes unicorn noodles, cakes, lattes, toasts, cheese, bagels, cotton candy, donuts, soups, cookies, milkshakes, cupcakes, smoothies, ice creams, waffles, and macrons.



Lastly, this trend has not failed to proliferate its magical effects amongst celebrities as well. Nicki Minaj brought unicorns in the pop culture by using the unicorn float in her single “Make Love”. This unicorn trend is now carried forward in various forms by popular celebs like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus. Channing Tatum’s wife Jeena Dewan threw him a unicorn themed bowling birthday party as well.



Unicorns are believed to hold an exotic power to spread gaiety and love amongst the mankind which found its way through the world of Disney and now it could be witnessed all around.

Image Source – Google Images


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