Jennifer Lawrence is never low on energy! On the “Late Night With Seth Meyres”, J’Law hilariously shared an exciting tale about her “Bar Fight” while she was filming “Red Sparrow”. In the process, J’Law also suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her dress accidentally got torn from one side.

Jennifer Lawrence is all over the internet following various good reasons. From her breathtaking premiere dresses to her extraordinary acting skills in the thriller “Mother”, everyone is surely talking about Jennifer Lawrence.

On September 14, J’Law shared quite an exciting tale about how she got into a bar fight when she was filming for her movie “Red Sparrow” in Budapest, Hungary.

Jennifer talking about “The Haunting in Connecticut” with Seth Meyers

The tale was obviously hilarious but what we liked the most was J’Law’s energy while demonstrating the incident.

“It was a Beer Night and I was quite drunk which is quite rare” said Jennifer Lawrence. She said that a guy came over and asked for a selfie but she declined. The guy kept on asking for the selfie and that’s when all her friends and J’Law herself had to ask the guy to go away.

“Well Fuck You” the guy said to J’Law. That was the moment that snapped her and set her ablaze. “Something in me just snapped. It couldn’t have been the alcohol” J’Law said. And what she did after that was really a treat to watch. “Did you just say Fuck You to me?, Did you just say Fuck You to me” J’Law repeated herself exactly the same way she acted in a drunk manner at the bar.

Jennifer Lawrence demonstrating the bar fight

“I grabbed him and started dousing beer all over him” J’Law stated. And she kept on assaulting the man until and unless her friend grabbed her from behind and said “Don’t Waste the beer, Don’t waste the beer”. Finally J’Law calmed down after realizing that wasting Beer is not at all a good option!

Seth Meyers and the audience were literally enjoying how Jennifer Lawrence exhibited the incident in the exact way by imitating herself and the drunk man at the Bar Fight. However, J’Law sacrificed her sheer black dress while she was too busy briefing the fight by wildly throwing her arms in the air.

j’Law’s Alexander Wang dress tore from the right side of her arm

Checkout the video right below!

What do you think about J’Law’s hilarious tale telling skills?? Let us know in the comment box.

Image Source – Google Images/Video Source – Youtube


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