Talking to a girl you like or have crush on is counted as one of those difficult jobs which may drive you to bite your nails and torn your hair out unless you come up with something that would make the conversation interesting. Now, usually, in order to seek those interesting words you end up making fool of yourself by repeatedly trying to get her attention!

Suppose you found a very attractive girl online and she seemed a pretty match for yourself. Then you started talking to her and fortunately things got pretty good between both of you but suddenly, she stopped texting you back! You could see her online while she was busy commenting on others’ photographs. Oh lord, that’s painful but this is the world of supposition so chill. She had just changed her profile picture but she turned a blind eye to your lonely texts! You may call it ignorance but may be this was not the case.

Now, you are sitting on your couch, holding that xyz book in your hands, whereas, your eyes are constantly running over your phone in this hope that her name would pop up in your message box. At the same time you are also trying to decipher what actually could possibly had gone wrong?? Well, here are the 10 reasons why she “didn’t” text you back!

1. This might come as a straight punch in the face but it is true. The problem is that you are deprived of that art which we call holding a conversation. Whatever you talk about is not interesting, it is monotonous or plain boring.

Get rid of those boring conversations

2. Now this is something which comes as an instant turn off. Bad Grammar! No matter how stiff your abs are, how good your sense of humour is, but if you cannot understand the difference between your or you’re or their or there, take this precious advice that online dating is a real tough task for you bud!

3. Are you being too sexual in the conversation? If yes, then this is an obvious reason why she isn’t texting you back! This doesn’t imply that Girls don’t like being bold in a conversation but there’s a time and way to talk about it. If you are making her uncomfortable with your lame sexual jokes again and again, there is not a single chance you are going to impress this girl.

4. Are you stalking her? Don’t please don’t you desperate fool! If you are new to the game, then i must tell you that girls do like attention but not from the people who are too free to keep their eyes at her every single move she makes. For eg: If are liking and commenting on her pics like a crazy guy, then you are setting her off.

Unappreciated stalking!

5. You have been contacting mutual friends to get some details about her and if by any chance, she comes to know about this, You’re probably not getting any other text from her. Obviously the girl will get pissed off with this maniac deed and texting you would be the last thing she will do.

6. Are you being a douche bag?? Are you always talking to her about some freaky movies she doesn’t bother to listen about or are you talking about how many pounds you can bench press or deadlift? If yes, then you’re nothing but just a big creep to her. Man, Seriously, will you talk about your muscles and rubbish things all the time to a girl who deserves a lot more romantic and healthy flirting from the other side?

7. Maybe your jokes are bothering her too much, which means that maybe she doesn’t find your jokes or your sense of humour good. Believe me, it’s an instant turn off for most of the girls if you do not have good sense of humour! You are not a damn joker but you need to figure out what the girl likes and make her happy with that. This is how you build a better understanding.

Stop making those lame jokes, now!

8. Maybe you look like a Greek God, or you have Abs like Sergi Constance or lazar Angelov or you have a smile like tom cruise, but as long as you don’t respect her, all these characteristics don’t matter.

9. Maybe she isn’t texting you back because she was doing all that just for the sake of having fun! It’s online dating bud, it happens, not most of the time but yeah, sometimes it happens and you got to be careful with such things.

NO gesture to serious talks. #justfun

10. This could also be a reason guys! Maybe she is just really busy with her schedule and her work. She might not be getting time due to some extra work in office or something else. We know she has changed her profile picture and she’s commenting on the photographs of others but mind that, you’re not too special that her first task after coming online would be to text you. Don’t make things worse by torturing her with hundreds of messages. She’ll text you back once she will feel like. Don’t bother her so much, sometimes the situations are way simpler than they seem.

If there is any other thing you feel could be the real reason why she isn’t texting you back, Let me know in the comment box below, maybe I can help you with that.

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