Brussels sprouts remind you of cabbage, don’t they? Indeed they come from the same family of gemmifera group of cabbages, so you may call them a miniature cabbage.

They’ve been said to have originated from ancient Rome (now called Belgium) in the 13th century . Off lately it’s been quite popular in the super markets. Don’t mistake the length of its benefits by its size. To your amazement, it possesses more than we expect.

1. Brussels sprouts are Rich in Antioxidants


We all know the importance of antioxidants in our body; they stop the oxidation process of certain molecules. If these molecules get oxidised, they turn into free radicals and cause cell damage and turn it against one another. The antioxidants present in Brussels sprouts help to prevent from oxidative process and protects body from diabetes, muscle degeneration, heart disease, liver disease and cancer which are the side effects of oxidative damage.

2. Brussels sprouts keeps an eye on Blood Pressure


Brussels sprouts are high in potassium content. Discussing the primary function of potassium, it regulates the fluid balance, controls the electrical activity of the heart and other muscles. Potassium is an electrolyte which restrains the sodium levels in our blood, helping us to maintain a healthy blood pressure. So, with these good benefits of potassium you cannot miss on the Brussels sprout consumption. Every 100 gm’s serving of Brussel sprout is said to have 389 mg of potassium.

3. Brussels sprouts support digestive system


Brussels sprouts is said to bevery effective for Digestive Support. Brussels sprouts can equip with 4 grams of fiber from 100 gram of Brussel sprout consumption. Various researchers have found that glucoraphanin found in Brussel sprouts helps to protect the health of our stomach lining by intercepting the overgrowth of bacteria “Helicobacter pylori” in our stomach or towards the wall, thus, improving the Digestive health.

4. Brussels sprouts as an immune booster


We generally tend to associate vitamin C with citrus fruits, but you may be amazed to know that Brussels sprouts also contain the goodness of vitamin C. It is designated as an immune booster, for it contains several healthy antioxidants which fight off harmful free radicals. So, eating these vitamin C rich Brussels sprouts reduce the risk of getting ill and help you fight infectious diseases.

5. Brussels sprouts prevent from Type II Diabetes


Brussels sprouts can help to decrease the risk of Type II diabetes. These are loaded with vitamin K which is necessary for our body as it increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Various studies have proven that if the patients suffering from diabetes take vitamin K supplements regularly, over the period of thirty-six months, it improves their resistance to insulin. It also help to improve metabolic control of the patients suffering from diabetes.

6. Brussels sprouts help in Detoxification 


Brussels sprouts contain sulfur, which helps in removing both dietary and environmental toxins from inside. The glucosinolates present in these sprouts helps body in detoxification. Since Brussel sprouts are loaded with antioxidants and as they are required during the detox process, it makes them more ideal for the consumption. It is advised to consume it fresh and not frozen or blanched so that its nutrient valve remain intact.

7. Brussels sprouts help in formation of RBCs


These A-list sprouts are high in vitamin B6 and pyridoxine; these are water-soluble vitamin which help in the formation of red blood cells. Blood consist of four things: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Red blood cells perform a major role in the bloodstream. Not only do the red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body, but they also assist other bodily tissues and remove carbon dioxide out.

8. Brussels sprouts and Tissue Regeneration


Vitamin C is an extremely important part of the body’s healing system as it aids in collagen synthesis and helps in boosting the body’s immune system. Vitamin C helps the body in repair and regeneration of the tissues. As Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamin C, they can help you achieve glowing and healthy-looking skin.

9. Brussels sprouts for healthy bones


The presence of vitamin K in Brussels sprouts is necessary for the development of healthy bones. Vitamin K is required in the body to build strong bones and it’s also necessary to get healthy bone density, especially while it works along with the Vitamin D. When both the vitamins work together, they help to maintain the calcium balance in the body. Strong bones are the requirement of everyone irrespective of the age group. Vitamin K and calcium are important for the children while they are growing and for the adults to stay away from the suffering of osteoporosis.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate these sprouts in your diet, be it veggies with your bread or pizza topping, adding it into your fritter or including it in your pasta. After seeing all these wholesome benefits, we hope Brussels Sprouts won’t take time to join you in your healthy life.

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