Switch to any English music channel or radio station, you are very likely to hear a song that the pops the name EMINEM.


Marshall Mathers, famously known as Eminem, is one of the greats in the music industry. The guy himself is an inspiration for the youth and the young entrepreneurs. His raps/songs lyrics are probably the best thing to motivate oneself and compels one to stop giving up on life following those broken phases. Today, we bring to you the top rules of success given by the ‘RapGod’ Eminem.

  1. Get Up, Do It Again


Not everyone achieves success in the first try and Eminem stands as the epitome of this idea. When he first started to actually sing in front of a small gathering, he got brutally booed. Eminem announces that the 8 Mile is inspired from his first-time mic experience and we all know at what level of success is Eminem standing right now. So, if you fall once, get up and hit your goal like he did!

Eminem also shared his experience, how he felt like quitting at that very moment. He explained what made him stand once again.

“And then, you know, maybe couple days later, a week later, an hour later, whenever it was, I don’t know, I got the urge to, no man, I got to get up, I got to do it again.”

  1. Know What You Want


Another top rule of success given by the Slim Shady is to know what you want. You should set your goal and walk through the path to glory. There’s larger probability that you may face many obstacles but all you have to do is to stay steady. Focus on your goals and try to achieve them!

Eminem gas quoted his goal saying:

“I don’t think that my goal has changed in the sense of I rap from the same aspect of when I did when I was a kid like, I just wanted to get the respect”

  1. Believe in yourself


Do not ever lose yourself in the crowd. You are not like everyone, always have faith in yourself and never let people undermine you as they are the ones who are afraid of the capabilities and talent you hold. Find what you’re good at and start focusing on that field. People will demotivate you most of the time as this is what people do to upgrade their value and validate their unwanted existence among people. To overcome such pessimistic views, you must surround yourself with good and trustworthy people. The environment you live in matters a lot.

Eminem achieved all the success he has till date because he wanted to show the world what he is and how he is better than everyone else. He said:

“I wanted to just prove everybody wrong, you know what I mean? I wanted to make it and I was going to make it regardless of what anybody said.”

  1. Learn from others and set an inspiration


An amateur can never master a field unless he chooses a mentor for himself. Eminem learned a lot from Dr. Dre and owes a significant part of his success to him. Also, he considers Dre as his inspiration.

“Everybody gets inspired from everybody. Like I saw Dre do it and MWA and the way that they push boundaries and it was kind of like every few years there would be certain rappers that would come along and do that and some tend to do it better than others or push it further than others.”

Eminem and many inspirational personalities only stand as a medium to make you realise that you’re not the only one undergoing the despondent phase of life, there were many who passed through that same phase but instead of surrendering to the darkness, they chose to seek the light. Eminem faced the hardships of life since he was a kid. He got bullied, didn’t receive the love he needed and this is what made him what he is today. He found his strength in the challenges of life. Look at the brighter side, if can’t find one, then seek one. Always believe in yourself, work hard and success will stand there by your side!

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