It doesn’t came as a surprise to us when the director of movie, ‘Mother!’ praised Jennifer Lawrence for the impeccable job she had done in the movie. Regardless of the director’s Intimate relationship with J’Law, he respects and appreciates what she does when on action. Let’s find out what he actually said.

The stage is all set for Jennifer Lawrence to capture millions of hearts once again following her formidable acting skills. Her upcoming flick ‘Mother!’, is yet to be released but the presumptions are in its favour.

Checkout Jennifer Lawrence’s Jaw-Dropping fishnet gown at Mother’s premiere.

During a recent promotion of Mother!, Aronofsky, the director of the movie and also the love interest of J’Law, endowed her acting skills and her persistence on sets with his humble compliments.


“She is a once in a generation talent” Aronofsky was quoted saying. “I don’t know what makes her great, maybe it was in her parents, maybe it was the Kentucky water, I have absolutely no idea, But she’s like a once in a generation talent” he added.

Looks like Aronofsky has been awestruck with J’law’s talent. However, this is not it! Aronofsky heaped the praise when he drew parallel between the actress’s talent a whirlwind, a hurricane, an earthquake and a thunderstorm. 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock (9044437q)
Jennifer Lawrence
‘Mother!’ film premiere, Arrivals, London, UK – 06 Sep 2017

Also, when asked if Aronofsky found it a bit tricky to work with J’law considering their Romantic relationship, He replied that there were no issues, at all. “She’s very, very relaxed. She’s the type of actor that turns off all the intensity when she is not shooting and then flips it when she needs it” Aronofsky added.

Jennifer Lawrence Is A “Once In A Generation Actress”

Well, no one doubts J’Law’s talent for sure. In addition to that, just a reminder for you (in case you failed to access the news), that she was declared the highest paid actress for a couple of years until her close friend Emma Stone bagged the title this year following her performance in “La La Land”.

Emma Stone tops the Forbes’ list of highest paid actress this year! 

‘Mother!’ is all set to hit the theatres on September 14.

Are you planning to sit back and enjoy the movie as soon as it hits the big screen? Let us know in the comment box.

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