Skinny guys always face the “phase of no gains”. They keep trying their level best but fail to gain the weight they need to through the body muscles.

This problem can get solved in various manners and that too naturally. Doing a long workout and sweating it out in the gym for 2 hours won’t do any good. Today, we bring to you the top 5 natural ways to build muscles.


  1. Do not elongate your workout time

Top 5 Natural Ways To Build Muscles

You should always try to end your workout under an hour. Don’t be lazy in between sets by taking long breaks. Also, make sure that you are working out correctly and maintaining a high intensity during the whole workout rather than dragging it. Focus on keeping your rest timings up to 40-50 seconds, not more than that.


  1. Stop depending upon supplements


As the title of the article says ‘natural’, then you have to stop relying on the supplements. You should understand that a supplement fully defines its name i.e. SUPPLEMENT. It won’t break your gains in the gym. If you take healthy and adequate diet, you won’t feel the urge to take supplements. Although, you can try some healthy drinks like Gatorade after a workout.


  1. Do not settle at one stage


Even if you are completing your workout within an hour, you must eye at some progression. At one stage you will find that you are not gaining anything, do not settle for it. This is the time when you go for some progress. Either you can increase the number of reps or pick some heavier weights.


  1. Eat as much as you can


Consumption of the healthy food is way more necessary if you want to gain in an all natural manner. To gain weight you need to focus on your eating habits. Furthermore, don’t make it limited to an afterthought. Take 5-6 calorie dense meals with a gap of 2-3 hours in a day and make it a routine if you want to gain. Always remember, you won’t witness any gains if you are taking good diet.


  1. Keep changing the rep range


A change is always necessary and welcomed. In case you want to gain then you need to keep changing the rep range of your workout every month and a half. This will help you avoid plateaus and provide stress to your body muscles, hence resulting in the weight gain you want.

Therefore, to build muscles naturally you need to get serious about it and follow the points stated above. If you are a beginner then it is really important to follow all the tips explained above.

Follow these natural ways to build muscles without any supplement in a natural way. If you have any question popping up in your mind, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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