If you’ve been using iPhone for a while, you must be knowing already the amount of customisation the company gets isn’t much.

Recording the screen, manual professional access to the camera and other customisation have been limited to androids only. But we are at that time of the month when Apple will be releasing the new ios just like the previous years, and before its event gets started, we are here to tell you some features in new iOS 11 which you think it was deprived of, before.

Here are 17 features that will get you hyped for iOS 11, including a brand-new Siri feature, brand new creative tools and awesome new photo customisation.

  1. iOS 11’s Control Center is super simplified 

Top 17 Features Will Make iPhone Lovers Upgrade To iOS 11

In ios 11, Apple has completely redesigned the control centre. The new Control Center gives you, well, more control. The three panels have been shrunk down to just one and there are sliders and toggles that will make tapping a breeze. Besides that, mind you, it is fully customisable.

2.Our Siri got a make over as well

Our Siri got a make over as well

Big changes have been introduced to Siri. The interface now looks more like it has been taken from its rivals, yes the “google cards”. It, now, also packs a type in siri function. Instead of asking her out loud to do something, you can type it. Moreover siri’s voice is also getting an update making it more realistic.

3. Newly transformed camera features

Newly transformed camera features

So many new and wonderful camera enhancements have been added to iOS 11. Now your device can take crisp low-light portraits with optical image stabilisation (OIS)and HDR capabilities. Plus, videos can be compressed, looped, trimmed and edited. The images will consume upto 2 times less space. (Listen up you all 16gb iPhone holder, time to update)

4. The all new file manager know as the “files” app

File management is something many iOS fans have been wanting for years. Adding and deleting things will be joy now. Also, creating a folder and accessing it won’t be difficult anymore. Adding this capability will help to cement Apple’s mobile platform as a serious productivity platform.

5. Record your screen

Record your screen

Showing pals how to use their phones has never been easier with the all new screen recording feature. You now have the option to record whatever you’re doing on your phone and that too completely with voice-over commentary. Also, the saved video can be shared across all social platforms.

6. The image/video format has changed too 

The image/video format has changed too

There’s a new introduction to the photo and video file format. As we told you earlier, Apple wanted to make photos consume less space so they came up with new formats, but this could cause compatibility issues. No worries, you can revert to original formats anytime by opening Settings > Camera > Formats and then setting your file preference if you have problems.

7. The all new Keyboard change tweak

The all new Keyboard change tweak

For those who have small hands, and people who are too lazy to type with both the hands, this feature comes handy (pun-intended). You can shrink the size of the keyboard for easier typing. The feature has been existing in adroids since long long ago, but its introduction in iOS compels us to love it more.

8. iPad gets a massive layout changes- it gets a dock!

iPad gets a massive layout changes- it gets a dock!

Yes, iOS 11, in iPad, features a new dock that can hold around 13 to 15 apps, depending on your iPad generation and screen size. The apps are fully customisable and can be dragged and dropped to wherever you need them.

9. The view is new, too!

The view is new, too!

Apps placed within the dock can be viewed in Spaces mode too, which is a change up from the older iOS 10’s stacked view.

10. Multitasking just got easier

Multitasking just got easier

If you like using Split View, the new ios is just for you. Apps placed side by side in Split View mode will stay together. You can pick them up again by swiping up and can use upto three apps together in the split screen as well. (Android, if you’re listening…)

11. Scan things in one go

Scan things in one go

Now you can scan documents and receipts more directly to ‘Notes’. ‘Notes’, however, has even more features now, like draw, drag n drop, gestures and text editing.

12. The Introduction of the new NOTIFICATION SQAUD 

The old Notification Center is out and the new cover sheet is paving its way in ios 11.  It looks just like your lock screen, shows the two recent notifications and hides the rest. You need to swipe up on the screen to see the rest notifications.

13. Add drawing to your formal boring emails

Add drawing to your formal boring emails

You can add a drawing to your emails with only a swipe of the finger. Just a long-press and select Insert Drawing from the pop up menu and doodle whatever you want. (Make sure you don’t send that to your boss!)

14. Doodle on screenshots

Doodle on screenshots

Speaking of the drawing now, you can doodle on the screenshots as well. Since Most people like to add notations to my screenshots, this feature is super handy. You can mark any screenshot with various pen sizes and colours.

15. The nifty ‘Do not disturb’ feature 

The nifty 'Do not disturb' feature

Apple cares about you as on ios 11, it made Driving a little safer. iOS 11 has a ‘Do not disturb’ while driving feature that automatically detects when you’re driving. It blocks notifications and sends an Auto-Reply message to people who message you.

16. The DARK-knight has finally arrived

The DARK-knight has finally arrived

The new 11 iOS has a hidden darl mode which you can turn the background black by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors. Then, toggle on Smart Invert.

17.The new AirPod customisable gestures

The new AirPod customisable gestures

On ios 11, apple airpods have introduced new gestures. The airpods interacts with ios differently too. When you double-tap the left AirPod you can play or pause your music. Double-tap the right one to go to the next track. They can be customised according to the need.

So here were the top features which we think might want you to hoop to ios 11. The Apple event will take place on 12th of September at 10a.m PST. However, ios 11 will surely be showcased but we don’t know when will the company make it available to download.

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