He is one of the most versatile actors in the world, well-known for his eccentric roles and unique characters.

Today, we talk about one of the biggest Hollywood stars, Johnny Depp and his rules of success to inspire you. Johnny Depp is considered as one of the greats and owns huge fan following all over the world. He is known for his eccentric roles in ‘Ed Wood,’ ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘Nightmare on the Elm Street,’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean series.’ Here are his top rules of success to inspire you.

  1. Keep Moving Forward

Top Rules For Success By Johnny Depp To Inspire You


Like every other actor, Johnny faced a downhill in his career due to the drug abuse. He managed to overcome it and step up as one of the greats, the industry will ever have.

In the words of Johnny Depp, “I promised myself that I would continue to move forward, and do my best not to compromise in any way whatsoever, you know, not allow anyone to put their hands on me, and affect me in that way.”

Taking him as your Inspiration, you should keep moving forward tackling every obstacle you face.

  1. Be Hungry and Believe In Yourself


You should always remain hungry for some more and keep going. Do not ever stop at a particular stage in your career. Increase your hunger to achieve more and more success.

Quoting an incident from the life of Johnny Depp. At one stage, Disney wanted to fire him from the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. Can you imagine it? A Pirates of the Caribbean film without Johnny Depp as the Captain Jack Sparrow and no use of his ‘Aye! Savvy!’

He recalled the incident in an interview and answered to this possible move of Disney. He answered with:

“I maintain the hunger, but not an ambition. They wanted to fire me because they couldn’t understand what I was doing. They didn’t understand the character.”

  1. Define Success for Yourself


In Johnny Depp’s opinion, there is no definition of the success. You have to define the success for yourself. A person needs to learn his strengths and weaknesses. He/She needs to understand its capabilities to do anything. If you think you can do it, then do it. Do not wait for anyone’s approval or whatsoever. You need to achieve the success for yourself, no one is coming to do it for you!

Johnny Depp’s definition of success:

“Every character that you play as long as you’ve reached that, you’ve arrived at that place where you believe is the right place to be for the character and if you feel you’ve done service to the director, to yourself, to the author, then to me, that’s a success.”

  1. Be Creative


Johnny Depp is known for living the strange characters in depth. He is one of the most versatile performers in the world. Also, he is recorded as the highest paid actor in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records. He owns a very creative mind and adapts the character as per the demand of the script.

To achieve success, you need to expand your mind. You need to be more creative than what you are right now. Achieving success is an easy task when you have the idea of how to complete your goals!

We hope you follow these rules in your daily life and achieve the success you aspire for. Always follow these golden rules and always work hard!

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