Benjamin Geskin, a smartphone leaker, tweeted the probable pricing of OLED iPhone.

Stating a friend of friend who works at Apple said, the entry level iPhone 8 iPhone Edition or whatever Apple will call it on September 12 with 64 gigs would cost around $999 to your pocket.

Here are the pricing of other storage variants :

64 GB iPhone 8 – $999

256 GB iPhone 8 – $1,099

512 GB iPhone 8 – $1,199

Base 64 GB model will cost around $250, more than base 32 GB model of iPhone 7 Plus.


Also, according to the reports, earlier next iPhone will be the most expensive iPhone by Apple till date which implies that these stats of pricing proves the point right.

Last week New York Times also predicted that base line of next iPhone will be around $999.

If we stand by the reports, Apple may skip its “S” tradition and may name next OLED iPhone “iPhone X” and iPhone 7 updates in that case might be named as “iPhone 8” and “iPhone 8 Plus”.

What’s your take on predictions?

Photo credits : Martin Hajek


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