The Nokia 8 came out at IFA 2017. All the Android fan peeps were eagerly waiting for apparently the most accomplished android Nokia phone.

So, to compete with their market rivals, Nokia pushed forward image processing to next level. But has it succeeded in overshadowing those other flagships?

Engadget took the device around Berlin to check the images in order to find out and reveal whether the camera was any near to that of iPhone 7 plus or better than OnePlus 5’s.


2017 was the year of dual cameras and Nokia 8 is no short of it. It is a combination of two 13 megapixel sensors. So has Nokia kept up?

Is Nokia 8 Dual Camera Worth The Hype

Seeing the pictures by Mat Smith from Engadget, we really don’t think the pictures have that punch and a little less textured pictures failed to convince us about its uniqueness.

Huawei p10 clicks better monochrome images than the Nokia device. Despite that Zeiss lens, images were merely good-not great. Even after the HDR, colours seemed to be more off the mark than the real.Camera App of Nokia also came out as a disappointment with lack of manual controls and tweaks.


Other issue reported by Mat Smith while testing was that he faced delay in switching between two sensors on the backside of Nokia 8.


This problem was faced in last year phones and every other company has rectified it till now. So there is a chance that company will fix these issues in further software updates and presently, it appears that Nokia needs to undergo more engineering skills to get back into the market and defeat those masters out there.

Image Credits : Engadget


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