We are a part of an era where technology takes a new form every second.We have the processors getting launched every day or two by companies like Qualcomm, Samsung or Mediatek.

But the real evolution is witnessed when a new company emerges in this market and outshines the existing brand names. Today we have Xiaomi Surge S1.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi launched a new phone Xiaomi mi5c and unlike other companies, rather than using Qualcomm or mediatek processor they used Surge S1. So lets take a look what’s really inside Xiaomi’s own Surge S1 processor.

There are primarily four mobile processor makers around the world that are qualcomm with their snapdragon range, mediatek which is used in mid range phones, samsung for their own phones and Huawei. So, every other company has to go to these vendors for their processors and the same was applied on Xiaomi; but in 2014 Xiaomi decided not to use these other brand processors and to design their own processors.

So basically Surge s1 CPU is octa-core processor that uses 4-A53 cores cycled at 2.2 ghz and 4-A53 cores cycled at 1.2 ghz.

Talking about the GPU is ARM MALI T-860 Octa-Core GPU which is considered to be very good for a mid-range target.

With MALI decoder and video processor, this is a complete package for a flagship smartphone.

Whenever we run a high end graphic game which runs over 60 frames per second it consumes a lot of energy as data keeps on shuffling from GPU to display drivers and back to GPU. To solve this issue ARM came out with ARM frame buffer compression technology, AFBC shuffles data inside the chip in a compressed form thus shuffling of data from one driver to the other consumes less energy. That technology we can see aptly implemented in Surge S1

Talking about the benchmarks lets see where the Surge S1 stands

There are some benchmarks where Surge S1 fell short:

Out of whole it would be great to see how Xiaomi works to improvise their processors and how they give a good competition to these already present market leaders.

Photo courtesy: Android Authority


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