Lately, Samsung highly disappointed many of its loyal fans following the huge failure of Note 7 batteries which started exploding and eventually, the company had to call all the phones back.

On the other hand, Note 8 has managed to work appropriately with its batteries till now and it is being liked by many customers. To apologise for its past errors and to thank the customers for appreciating this silver lining (Note 8) in the dark clouds, Samsung came out with a cool video.

Seems like a well planned move to pacify the angered fans by thanking them for being patient and loyal, and at the same time to cleverly convince them to rest their faith on the brand.


This is not the first time when such strategy has been witnessed in the market, as Korean company also tried to please its customers with these kind of activities before iPhone 8 launched. Also, to be sure that this time they don’t get into any trouble again, Note 8 is put through series of safety check and a product safety consultancy has also been called in firm to do additional tests.

“Told through real voices of our users, this is a tribute to Galaxy note fans all over the world, Thank you for believing in us and continuing to do what cant be done” notes the company.

Watch the thank you note down below:

Image Source – Google Images/ Video Source – YouTube




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