Rihanna reportedly issues a statement regarding the frenzy of her fans concerning her beau Hassan Jameel’s prior marriage.

Rihanna Finds It Funny That People Are Making A Big Deal Out Of Hassan's Marriage
Rihanna Finds It Funny That People Are Making A Big Deal Out Of Hassan’s Marriage

Rihanna’s new boyfriend Hassan Jameel was married before the start of their relationship. Upon hearing the news, many people around the world started freaking out because of this fact. However, Rihanna just does not care about what other people think.

A source close to Rihanna says:

“Hassan was already divorced by the time he started dating Rihanna, and she was fully aware that he had been married before.”
“Rihanna’s bemused that everyone is making a big deal out of like it’s supposed to be some big scandal when clearly it’s not.”

Following these statements, the source further added:

“She’s still seeing Hassan, but they both have such insanely busy schedules so they’re not able to spend as much time together as they would like. When they’re apart though, they talk and FaceTime most days. It’s a really chill relationship, and neither of them wants any more right now. They’re definitely not talking marriage and babies. They’re both just enjoying spending time together when they can and seeing what develops, but right now it’s not super serious between them.”

Hassan Jameel reportedly married Lina Lazaar back in 2012 at the Paris Opera House. Though, the source states that their marriage was already over before the Saudi billionaire met the singer. What do you think about their relationship?  Share your opinion in the comments section.

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