Last September Angelina Jolie pulled the trigger and shot Brad Pitt with a Divorce Bullet. Since then, there has been wintnessed lot of tensions between the couple which has majorly affected the lives of their kids. Like any other kids, it’s hard for them too to deal with the idea of getting separated from any of their parents. Let’s find what other harsh consequences this breakup has led to!

The word Divorce in itself holds myriad of intolerant and distressing emotions ; hard to say, harder to experience.  Since Angelina Jolie filed divorce against Brad Pitt, things got worse between them.However, ones who are getting largely affected in between the process are their six kids.

Every Child needs love from both the mother and the father, so is the case with Angie and Brad’s kids! If it were upto the children, the divorce wouldn’t have taken place in the first place. But Unfortunately, the kids of such little age don’t seem to have any say in this case.


According to Hollywood Life, The divorce hasn’t been called off between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It’s just that they are in no hurry for it. Well, the current scenario between the celebrity couple is getting better but not too good to escape this decision of divorce.

“The kids want their parents to get back together, they really miss Brad living at home, but it’s not on the cards. Brad has made all fine steps, He has quit drinking, he has publicly taken the responsibility for the break-up. Moreover he is sober now” the source added.

Apparently, Brad is going the extra mile to pull the family back together, but the things that led to this wound might not heal so soon.   

Will Brad and Angie walk down the Red Carpet together again?

Lately, Brad and Angie have agreed on certain terms for their children’s benefit. Moreover, they have started seeing each other more often for their sake due to which things between the couple are looking better than before . Angie is trying to forgive Bard’s midtakes and Brad is trying to forgive hers.

The relationship is obviously better than it was a few months ago but unfortunately, there are no signs of the Hollywood Couple getting back together. Sorry Kids, But Brad and Angie are not reuniting, not as of now.

What do you think, Will the six kids be able to do something miraculous to reunite their mom and dad? Let us know in the comment box.

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