More of an athlete than an actor, Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock in Pro Wrestling World is an inspiration for many guys who are in their 20s.

They grew up watching The Rock on their television screens and then him in the movies. Even teens are his followers and want to build their body like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. But the question here is, how to do that? How to build a body like Dwayne Johnson? How to be like The Rock?
To answer all these questions, we bring you top four rules of Dwayne Johnson. Follow them and grow!

1. Always improve, never maintain


Dwayne Johnson was the man of his words. He once said, if you’re not moving forward you’re standing still. This means that if you want to pack on some serious muscle you need to push yourself and your body to its settle. Don’t ever settle with what you have achieved. Always train to improve yourselves, don’t stand still with an excuse of maintaining yourself.

2. Cheat meals? Yes, big cheat meals

Cheat Meals are a part of bodybuilding, so never miss them!!
If you want to cheat, cheat big. Whenever he went out of his fitness diet, he consumed them in a huge amount. Not settling with small one, his cheats were always bigger than you can ever think of. Studies have shown that there is a boost in the production of the hormone which helps us in regulating our energy balance by raising our body’s metabolic rate for a whole day.

3. No pain, no gain!


You must have read this quote on many posters of your gym or read in the books. He applied this in his life and results are in front of us. You have to follow this rule number third given by The Rock. “Go hardcore! Balls to the walls every time you hit gym”, this was said by The Rock himself during an old interview. Always give your best if you want better results, it is by far true that without any pain there is no gain. So let your body feel the pain, it will benefit you only.

4. Age is just a number!


The Rock is more fitter than what he ever was in his past days. If we compare his body from the early days of being ‘The Rock’ and the present, we will notice how he didn’t care about his age and build his body. After seeing him, no one can imagine he’s now in his late forties. The Rock always considered age as a myth. In gym, age is just an excuse to stop yourselves from trying hard.
Dwayne Johnson is one of the strongest and the most successful man in the Hollywood Industry but this success didn’t come to him Eventually! He worked had for it! As “The Rock” always say, “Be the hardest worker in the room”. No matter what are you doing, just stay focused and and work for your goal, gradually you will achieve your targets! Never Stop! Just Keep Ticking!
Hope you follow these tips and rules given by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and start building your body physique like him! Hit Hard!
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