Only a true makeup lover can understand the struggle of achieving the desired look after so many efforts. It requires complete concentration and dedication to get a picture perfect look.

We all do mistakes while applying makeup, but it’s necessary to understand the difference between mistakes and blunders.

Some makeup blunders can spoil your look and give you a bad makeup day. Here is a list of makeup mistakes, you need to stop immediately.

  • Applying too much foundation

Don’t Overdo Foundation! let it look natural

Foundation is the base of your makeup. It is not meant to make you Wight; the only objective of the foundation is to cover your skin flaws like pigmentation. Applying a wrong foundation is the most common mistake that majority of women commit. A lighter tone foundation or applying more than required can make you look unnatural.

So always try a foundation on your jaw line first, because the tone of your face and back of your hand is quite different from each other.

  • Over use of Waterproof mascara


Waterproof mascara is very necessary to keep your mascara still or else it will flow down to your face. But the over-use of waterproof mascara can make your eyelashes dry and brittle, causing loss of eye lashes.

Use waterproof mascara on limited occasions. Add good quality normal mascara in your makeup routine that can full fill your daily makeup needs.

  • Storing makeup products in the washroom


Keeping makeup is washroom is another common mistake done by many people. But storing makeup in washroom can reduce its effectiveness. Most of the makeup products contain organic oil and it should be stored in the fridge for prolonging life. Fluctuating temperatures can ruin your products.

Keep your makeup away from sun light and humidity. Read the packaging carefully before storing any makeup product.

  • Sleeping with your makeup on


The worst thing you can do with your skin is sleeping with your makeup on. Sometimes we are too tired to remove our makeup and sleep without removing it but it can clog skin pores and cause breakouts. Our skin goes through renewing process while we are sleeping and we all wake up with rejuvenated skin.

Before going to bed, remove your makeup and dirt with a good cleanser. It can help you to avoid many skin problems.

  • Applying makeup in Wrong lighting


It is very important to apply makeup in a natural light because it can make a huge difference in your makeup. It is very annoying when you look completely different in a natural light and artificial lighting.

So to avoid this blunder try to keep your windows open while applying makeup or choose a room with more natural lighting.

We all are doing these common mistakes then and now. So it’s a high time to modify your makeup habits for better and more natural results.

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