Bella Thorne has set the temperature soaring in Los Angeles. The former Disney star is always making headlines for stepping out wearing racy outfits, but this time she didn’t need to show up on the streets to raise the hotness Level as she did it from within the four walls! Let’s find out what’s crazy about her latest picture.

With a complete transformation over the years, Bella Thorne is always on everybody’s mind following her crazy fashion statements and her love affairs. Los Angeles is already too hot to handle these days and Bella Thorne is making it even hotter.

Simple ✨

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You might have seen Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner stepping out braless on the streets but what Bella Thorne pulled off is something incomparable please!

In order to beat the heat in LA, the “In Love” actress donned absolutely nothing, flaunting her boobs and nipples for the camera, while playing “painting-painting” with a pair of jeans in her yard.

Looks like Bella wanted to paint a jeans just same as her hair!

The 19-year-old actress took to Instagram and shared a series of photos in which she is giving a serious makeover to her jeans. She painted them with a reddish-pink colour to make it match her luscious locks. The work of art is undoubtedly apprehensible but the work of art that she herself is, is too fetching to go unnoticed over the painting.

PAINTING TIME🌈 it’s hot as balls outside 💦

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Well, it is not the very first time that Bella Thorne has put her bod on display. She does it quite often. However, this time she fas found a bit more raunchy way to beat the heat. In a series of pictures shared by Bella on Instagram, You can clearly see her back, septum piercing, her beads-embedded wrist bands, her thirsty, long tongue and yes her boobs and nipples too!

What do you think, Is this the best way to paint a pair of jeans in your backyard? Let us know in the comment box.

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