Women and fashion go hand in hand, and there hardly exists any theory which would question this strongly believed idea.

Shopping is not only a task but a therapy which provides a sense of contentment only when we succeed in buying the right dress with the right fit. We may compromise with a loose tee or shirt, but while buying expensive outfit like gowns for occasions say prom night, wedding, social parties etc, we tend to think a lot. You no way can afford to compromise with it by holding your breath every time a passerby looks at you, or to awkwardly stitch it at the last moment. Ending up with a dress that hardly matches your body type is hazardous. But wait! what is your body type and how to select the outfit according to that? Don’t worry! here we come to your rescue.

We all have different body types with different bone structure, and each body type has its own beauty which desperately waits on your correct selection. So let’s move on to study different body types and how to select gowns according to that.

  • Body type 1: Apple (Triangular downwards)

These types of women have broader shoulder & bust, and narrower hips.


What to buy:

This body type has undefined waist line and slimmer legs, and may have less weight around belly area. The most preferable fabric and pattern for this body type must silhouettes and the gowns with flair in the bottom or belted waistlines respectively. The gown must not be very fitted over the bust and shoulder area.

* If you are comfortable wearing a short flair dress then you must go for it.

What not to buy:

Because maximum weight is on the top half, you must not go for gown that can draw attention towards your bust or shoulders. Don’t buy styles like fitted hips, horizontal stripes or natural waistline, instead go for gowns which would compliment your curvaceous self.

  • Body type 2: Banana or straight (Rectangular)

These types of women have below 9 inches smaller waist measurement than the hip or bust measurement.


What to buy:

As you’ve got even proportion weight in all parts of the body (which is generally considered the perfect body type), so it can be a little easy for you to select gowns. Go for gowns which are not too fitted over the waist line (it can make you look skinny). You can buy a gown that is straight fitted or has a little flair in the bottom; it can create an illusion of perfect waist. You can also experiment with ruffle or off shoulder gowns. A ball gown would look perfect for this body type. Generally, your size will be in between small to medium for most of the brands.

What not to buy:

Because the waist has less measurement as compared to shoulders and hips, do not go for gowns that have detailing over the waist line as it can highlight your waist. The detailing should be on the upper half portion instead.

  • Body type 3: Pear, spoon or bell shape (Triangular)

These types of women’s hip measurements is greater than their bust measurements.

What to buy:

Your ultimate goal should be to make your upper body look minimum. So, you must buy gowns with empire cuts. You ought to always go for darker colors on the top (darker colors make you look slim) and lighter color at the bottom (like ombre). Oh, You can opt for gowns with long cape.

What not to buy:

Never buy a gown that has frills or big bows on the shoulders or neck line. Also, never opt for V necks or deep cuts as it can draw attention towards your bust area and no, you don’t want that.

  • Body type 4: Hourglass (Opposite triangle, facing in)

These types of women have equal bust and hip size with well defined waistline. Perfectly balanced, aye?

What to buy: 

So the women with this body type should go for well fitted gowns in order to flaunt those curves! Go for gowns that have defined waist line, your waist should be the centre of attraction. Also, the fabric ought to be light and comfortable. You don’t want to look baggy with this body type, so go for deep necks and sexy back instead. Mermaid, trumpet, sheath would be a perfect choice for you.

What not to buy:

Never go for loose or baggy gowns that are not fitted, please! Also mind to never get your hands on fabrics that have tendency to fall like Georgette.

Girls, now you have no way to look back. Go ahead with these tips and tricks, and make people drop their jaws as soon as they see you arrive!

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