Pop Sensation Britney Spears was left shaken following a crazy act by a trespasser at the “Piece Of Me” residency show, in Las Vegas on Wednesday night. The act was surely a disgrace and compelled media to object security issues in these type of concerts. Let’s find out who did what!

How often do we see crazy people interrupting a concert?Very often! Lately, we came across many concerts including Ariana Grande’s hazardous concert, following which security system was harshly questioned and criticised. Anyway, what happened at Britney spears’ concert is no closer to the latter, but again propelled people to point finger at security systems in such big budget events .

Every thing was going well till the time Britney Spears was performing her hit song “Crazy” for her fans in Las Vegas, but suddenly things took turn for the worse. After Brit finished performing the song, a 37-year-old man rushed to the stage and did a cartwheel behind her.


Yes, this is what exactly happened on the stage and it left Britney in the state of shock. The man jumped out of nowhere in order to get attention from the Pop Sensation and started performing cartwheel in between the show.

However, Britney Spears was protected by the dancers performing with her on stage and they quickly took hold of the man before the security personnels took charge of the situation.

All this fuss was recorded by the audience and the video went viral in no time. In the clip, you can see Britney Spears literally quaking as soon as she realized a crazy man is standing behind her. “What’s wrong?”, “What’s going on?”, Britney was quoted saying in the video clip.

Apparently, these type of situations can become lot more dangerous if proper attention is not paid to them. What if that man had a gun? Security Issues have seriously let people and performers down these days.

As soon as the Intruder was sent out of the venue, Britney Spears rolled her sleeves back and continued the show to not dissatisfy her fans.

What do you think, what should be done to avoid these type of security issues? Let us know in the comment box.

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