It is a rough dream to build six pack abs. Today, we centrally focus on those people who are pouring their sweat to build abs.

There are always some common mistakes seen in both beginners and veterans. If you are focusing on building flat stomach then you need to make sure that you are not doing these mistakes:

Wrong body posture while crunches

Follow the correct posture for a perfect crunch
Doing crunches but with a bad body posture will not help. This will not give any results, rather, it will lead to neck injuries. It has been seen with many people who are doing ab exercises that they are suffering from a neck or back injury. While doing crunches, they do it in a wrong formation. Avoid them.

Focusing on quantity than quality

It’s not the number of reps, It’s the number of correct and effective reps that matters
One of the most common mistakes everyone does is that they prefer quantity over quality. If you are doing 50 or 100 crunches in a single day and not getting the appropriate results, then you need to stop focusing on the numbers. Ab exercises done properly can help you out with just 3 or 4 sets of 12-20 reps done each daily to get good results.

Speeding your workout

Feel the contraction everytime!
In the haste of completing the day’s workout, people often speed up their exercises. Performing the sets at a speed rather than doing the reps in a methodical manner won’t give you a flat stomach. It is always considered the best when the set is completed slowly and under control. In a quick set, muscles do not get enough time to complete the exercise. Muscle fibers work when reps are performed slowly and in a proper manner.

Breathing incorrectly or not breathing at all

Breathe properly!
When we ask to do the exercises slowly it means you have to take rest for few seconds. Breathing should be your Central focus while working out. Muscles need to relax in between. It is advisable to hold a crunch for 30-40 seconds to get better results. Improper breathing will lead to the opposite results of what you need. This inaccurate manner of breathing would lead to pushing of stomach out.
 Therefore, you need to avoid these silly mistakes and exercise in a proper manner for better results. While you do exercises in gym or even at home, make sure that you keep following the right diet. Dieting won’t lead to the abs you require.
Eat healthy and build your body. For any query, you can ask through the comments section.
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