With incredible fan following and some good films under his belt, Ranveer Singh is already one of the most loved actor in B-Town. However, his acting skills is not the only thing which is admirable but also his physique. 

Bollywood’s Hunk Ranveer Singh is at the peak of his acting career and he knows how to make the most out of it. With his charm, charisma and his dedication, Ranveer Singh is always on everybody’s mind when it comes to movies.

Moreover, Ranveer’s chiseled physique is something which adds to his personality and makes him stand out of the crowd. Everyone is quite familiar with his six-pack abs and muscular physique, but do you know it took six weeks for Ranveer to transform his body.


Astonishing! Isn’t it? With such a hectic and exhausting schedule, Ranveer Singh managed to pull this transformation off in just six weeks. Lloyd Stevens, a fitness expert who trained Ranveer, posted the extraordinary transformation picture on his Instagram account.

The picture portrays the transformation of the actor. Rock hard Six Pack abs, bulging biceps, veins jumping out of the hand, overall Ranveer’s body is in really good shape. Thanks to Lloyd Stevens, who helped him attain this milestone in just six weeks.


The UK-based fitness expert recently shared the picture on social media and captioned it ” 6 weeks transformation with my boy Ranveer Singh. Haven’t posted this in a long while but every time I look at it makes me very proud and remember that Ranveer Singh and I worked really hard to achieve this result despite his really hectic schedule that sometimes involved us working out at very late hours of the night or very early hours of the morning”. “Never the less, We got it done”, Lloyd added.

Well, not just Lloyd, but all the Ranveer Singh fans are really proud of this transformation. Moreover, the fact that Ranveer is getting fit and fitter every day hasn’t gone un-noticed too!

On the professional front, Ranveer Sigh was seen opposite to Vani Kapoor in the movie “Befikre” and presently, the bearded monster is busy shooting for his upcoming flick, Padmavati alongside Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

What do you think, is Ranveer Singh the finest and the fittest actor in the Bollywood right now?? Lets us know in the comment box.

Image Source – Google Images


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