In recent times you must have encountered less number of pop ads that are just irrelevant. Do you know why? Because of google’s new initiative.

The most used Search Engine will start telling websites about the ads which people find irritating, irrelevant and thus annoying. Websites can visit their Ad experience Report for more information regarding those ads.

According to a study conducted by Coalition for Better Ads, most of the people stop visiting websites due to these annoying pop up ads.

Google explained:

“Replacing annoying ads with more acceptable ones will help ensure all content creators, big and small, can continue to sustain their work with online advertising. This is why we support the Coalition’s efforts to develop marketplace guidelines for supporting the Better Ads Standards and will continue working with them on the standards as they evolve.”

Thus we expect better and ad-free browsing session in near future.

Thanks to google!

Image Source – Google Images


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