The Yoga expert, Baba Ramdev, after earning love from Indian population has launched his career at an international level as well.

Not just that, he has even managed to start his own company. Looks like Ramdev Baba is all set to release power pack beginning to this new journey. To support this idea, he will also join the Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha in judge panel of a reality show. No, this is not the end to his sudden ambitions! He is also ready to step in the Bollywood industry and make his debut on big screen.
Baba Ramdev To Make His Debut In Bollywood
Baba Ramdev To Make His Debut In Bollywood
Baba Ramdev will make his debut with a patriotic film titled as “Yeh Hai India”. He will feature in a song of the film, ‘Saiyaan Saiyaan’. The song is penned by Tapesh Panwar and given the voice of Javed Ali.
Talking about the film, Yeh Hai India, Baba Ramdev said:
“India has the capability to lead the entire world. This change in India has been showcased in the film Yeh Hai India. Hence after a lot of thinking, I’ve taken a decision to strongly support this film and I also expect every citizen of India to support such films.”
He further added to his statement:
“The country that has a population of millions. A country where Vedas were discovered. Few people around the world have a wrong perspective about this country. India is no more just a country of snake charmers.”


Yeh Hai India to release on August 18, 2017.
Yeh Hai India to release on August 18, 2017.
Lom Harsh is the director of the film and deserves appreciation for his work. The story focuses on the life of a young NRI, who gradually understands the value of his native country. Sandeep Choudary is producing the film under the banners of DLB Films and stars Gavie Chahal and Deana Uppal.
The director, Lom Harsh, heartily appreciated Baba Ramdev for all the support he is giving to the film. He said:
“I’m really thankful to Babaji who’s lent his full fledged support to my film. We couldn’t have had a better public ambassador for our film.”
Baba Ramdev only joined the cast of the film and supported it because of the strong motive behind the concept. He appreciated the plot of the film and voluntarily decided to become the brand ambassador, when offered to do so.
Baba Ramdev To Make His Debut In Bollywood
Baba Ramdev To Make His Debut In Bollywood
The producer of the film, Sandeep Choudary explains how Baba Ramdev entered into this scene. He said:
“When Babaji was told about the film he came onboard as it is of national interest. After a screening, he said it felt like the film reflected the soul of India.”
Yeh Hai India will hit the big screens three days after the Independence Day, 18th August 2017. The main motive of the project is to clear all the misconceptions in the mind of people about the country. For more updates related to Bollywood, keep following TheHotShott. Also, tell us how you feel about this move of Baba Ramdev in the comments section.
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