For performing gym exercises, we have two choices, either to pick up dumbbells or to go for barbells.

Sometimes, under specific conditions, it becomes important to choose the correct one. If you are working on gaining body muscles of the whole body, then it is better to rely on dumbbells rather than barbells.

There are many reasons which prove  that dumbbells are better than barbells in gym exercises. Here are the important ones:

  1. Safety


The key factor to prefer dumbbells over barbells is that dumbbells are considered safer. Whenever you think you are losing control, you can simply drop the dumbbell on the mat or floor. However, in case of barbells, it is not possible. Therefore, Dumbbells remove any possibility of future injuries until or unless there is a change of course.

  1. Free movement


During a bench press with a barbell, you need to keep your arms and shoulders in a fixed position. It doesn’t allow a complete movement of the shoulders, and adds to your discomfort. Dumbbells, on the other hand, comes to the rescue by allowing free movement of shoulders, and letting them alter their movement pattern slightly.

  1. Stabilization in the body muscles


If we compare stress produced on our arms, chest and triceps while performing barbell bench press to dumbbell bench press, we will notice a huge difference. The most important difference in between the two is that when you try dumbbell bench press, your biceps start working harder. This is because dumbbells require a proper stabilization.

  1. Increased range of motion


One of the best ways to overload our body muscles for strength or bodybuilding purpose is to increase the range of motion. Dumbbells provide an extension in the huge range of motion. This adds a new dimension of overload to your go-to mass movements.

  1. Balancing


There is no overcompensation in the case of dumbbells, unlike barbells. Dumbbells force your arms to work unilaterally which shows us whether the left side of your body is weak or the right side. Dumbbells act as an effective tool against the imbalances of the body, by providing physical support.

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