The 19-year-old lip kit mogul will soon be turning 20 on August 10, and her fans are curious to see where she goes for her birthday trip this year. Kylie Jenner grabbed millions of eyeballs last year following her delightful getaway on her previous birthday. Let’s find out what’s on the cards this time!

Wondering where Kylie Jenner will be heading to on her 20th birthday? Another trip to sunny beaches? Getaway with Sissies? Romantic vacation with new love interest Travis Scott? Ah, nothing of that sort, atleast for now!

Kylie Jenner did make headlines when she spent her birthday at the sunny beaches, flaunting her audacious curves with Sister Kendall Jenner and friends Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin at Caicos in 2016. But this year, it seems that Kylie is in no mood to celebrate her birthday in the same ritzy manner!

In a recent Interview with E!, Kylie Jenner revealed her birthday plans and to everybody’s surprise, they are quite normal. “Usually I go on a trip every year and I like to do something special and big” Kylie said in the Interview. “But this year, I am just feeling family vibes, I just want to be around my family and friends and just want to do something cute” Kylie added.

Kylie celebrating her19th Birthday

Well, we all were hoping to see Kylie and company flaunt their voluptuous bod at the sunny beaches, but unfortunately our excited vibes do not seem to be in sync with the star’s vibes!


When asked by Erin Lim from E!, What Kylie wants for this birthday? The answer was a bit Surprising as Kylie Jenner said she wants to have a “Jewelry holder”. Yes, you read it right!

“I want a Jewelry holder. I need something to carry around my Jewlery in, Other than that I really don’t need anything” Kylie said.

However, this is not the only thing Kylie will be doing on her 20th birthday as she is also planning to fund for some charity institutes and help them change many lives. Well, that’s really kind of Kylie!

“I’m doing some special charity things on my birthday and I like sentimental things, because materialistic things, if I want something, I’ll usually get it myself”, Kylie said in the interview.

Kylie Jenner might not have any big-ticket plans at this moment for her birthday, but this just isn’t the Kardashian trend! Hopefully her family and friends have got something special up their sleeves.

Kylie with Kendall Jenner at Caicos for her 19th birthday celebration

What do you think, Will her best friend Jordyn Woods plan something incredible just like he did last year? Let us know in the comment box.

Image Source – Google images/Instagram – @KylieJenner


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