Everyone who steps in the gym wants to be better than others standing there.

How to do that? How to get better results out of your workout? Follow our five simple gym hacks which will help you get better results from the same workout and same gym.

  •  Workout near the mirror


Always try to workout in front of mirror or near the mirror. It is asked so because in that manner you can see the body movement and notice if it is going right or not. It also helps when your gym trainer or instructor is guiding or helping someone else, you can get your own feedback unless you are just a newbie.

  • Avoid sitting between sets


Don’t sit too much while resting in between two sets. Staying on your feet while resting will give you more total movement and keep you motivated for the next set. Instead of wasting your time in sitting or using your phone or talking with somebody else, stretch the muscle you just did workout on.

  • Lower back exercises and forearm exercises in the end


In the end of your workout, go for some lower back and forearm exercises. Add these to your daily routine. Lower back exercises will help you on Squats and back day, whereas forearm exercises will help you on Biceps & Triceps days. These exercises keep the muscle tight.

  • Cardio in between sets not after


Change your day schedule. Every day you have to do cardio in the end. After a heavy workout there is very less energy remaining in your body to carry on cardio and makes you lazy. To avoid this, do cardio in between the sets and this will keep your body active for the whole time and won’t let it cool down.

  • Lift heavy and free weights


Keep challenging yourselves. Our desire is not to fail and the weight we choose is a reflection of the human nature and belief. When we keep lifting same weight for a long time, we become habitual. Challenge yourself and lift heavier than what you are lifting at the moment. Plus, don’t be dependent more on machines. Lift more of free weights to get better results. Though, machines look more convincing prefer free weights.

These are top five gym hacks, use the environment around to your own benefit. For any queries or questions please feel free to ask in the comments section.

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