Have planned to go to a friend’s place for sleepover but afraid that all might end up sticking phones?

Sleepovers are more like a therapy that allows you to spend quality time with your friends after your hectic weeks or months. We definitely gossip for long hours but what when you run out of those gossips (that doesn’t sound agreeable but exceptions, hello!) and feel miserable for experiencing that awkward silence. No worries, there our ideas join in to break the ice! Here are the top 8 ideas that will make your sleepovers with your best friends real funky and hot.

1. Selfie contest


Set the time of the camera on your phone and play a passing game until the camera’s flash goes off. The one who will end up with the selfie will find some real hilarious face snapped. The camera should be at your arm’s length ; keep it rolling till the game bores you.

2. Blind Makeover


The basic items for makeup will do the trick! Gather your eyeliner, blush,
mascara, foundation, etc. and display your art of persuasion by making one friend to sit on that chair (blindfolded) and receive an okayish (or bad, at your own risk please!) makeup session from the rest of the friends. Let’s check how much faith the player friend have on you.

3. Spin and eat


This is Just like spinning the bottle, but this time we have undergone addition as the bottle will be surrounded by seven plates. Only two of them will have tasty food while the rest will have something too unpleasant to be tasted. Conjure up the demons within you!

4. Only dare!


Write some real fun dares in paper chits and put them in a bowl. Remember, all the friends are supposed to be writing the best dares on those chits and feeling helpless when the devilish dare, they added, shockingly plays its turn on them. This game is packed with real fun surprises.

5. ‘Guess-who?’ game


Like the one seen on TV shows, pick a category and set your phone before your forehead and let your friends help you to guess the specific name. The apps are easily available on the Android or Apple store. If too determined about keeping those gadgets away for any disturbance, then you may also use a paper chit, where all the friends but the player will suggest one thing to be written on the chit and the player will do the above mentioned process to guess.

6. Spin the bottle to polish the nails


Set ten nail polish bottles in a circle and spin a bottle. Paint your nail with the one facing the bottle. Do it until ten fingers are done. Such things help you recall your last night happenings on the other day.

7. Jenga fun


Play Jenga with your friends and have a shot when the tower falls. Higher the number of
shots, more the number of falls coming your way.

8. Hide with a twist


Let someone hide with the phone in pitch darkness. The hidden friend will direct the seeker to find her with some clues. Also, prevent from providing some easy clues okay.

Have a crazy sleepover!

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